[ad_1] The game of rock-paper-scissors has been played for centuries and is often used as a simple way to make decisions. However, there are individuals around the world who have taken this simple game to a whole new level. These individuals have been ranked in the latest RPS rankings, giving recognition to their unique skill.

The 2021 RPS World Rankings were released this month and have given us a clear picture of the top RPS players in the world. The rankings have been determined through a point system, where points are awarded for victories in RPS tournaments and matches.

The current ranking leader is Johannes Paavola, who hails from Finland. Paavola has been playing RPS for over 10 years and has won several RPS tournaments, including the prestigious RPS World Championships in Toronto.

Coming in second is England’s veteran RPS player, Andrew Bergel. Bergel is famous for his “rock first” strategy and has won multiple RPS tournaments around the world. He is also the creator of the World RPS Society, an organization dedicated to promoting RPS as a legitimate sport.

Rounding out the top three is Ryo Ikeshiro from Japan. Ikeshiro is known for his lightning-fast reflexes and has won several RPS tournaments in Japan and around the world.

Other notable players include defending RPS World Champion, David “Brain” Votoupal, from the United States, and 2019 RPS World Champion, Tommy Otzen from Denmark.

While many may view RPS as a simple game of luck, these players have proven that it can be a game of skill and strategy. Success in RPS requires a deep understanding of human psychology, patience, and the ability to read your opponent’s tendencies.

The RPS community is growing every day, with tournaments and competitions taking place around the world. The RPS World Championships, held every two years, attracts players from all corners of the globe and has become a spectator event in recent years.

In conclusion, the latest RPS rankings have highlighted the top players in the world and given recognition to their unique skill in the game of rock-paper-scissors. As the popularity of RPS continues to grow, who knows what the future holds for this once-simple game.[ad_2]

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