Tyler Seguin Cheats to Win at Rock Paper Scissors.

Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele both like to be the last player to leave the ice before every hockey game. There is no problem with this except for the times they play each other. Since obviously the two players cant wait on the ice from their pre-game skate up until puck drop Rock Paper Scissors was the simple and elegant solution to solve this conflict.

Scheifele came out on top in the first match and Seguin had to skate off the ice in shame. Tyler Seguin didn’t like this, so on the next encounter he simply faked out Scheifele in order to be the last man on the ice. When they met the third time a gentleman’s game occurred where Scheifele once again came out on top. 2 – 0 for Mark Scheifele.

That brings us to meeting four. Tyler Seguin is at home in Dallas and the two face off for their match. In the video released to the public after the initial game a camera conveniently behind Tyler does not allow us to see his actual throw. The Dallas Stars twitter account confirmed that is was a Rock.

Video evidence from the NHL with alternate angles has allowed us to conclusively see that Tyler Seguin changed his throw mid turn therefore disqualifying that throw. Tyler Seguin cheated on this throw and this match is either disqualified and the match is replayed or Mark Scheifele gets the win.

After watching the match from the alternate angles we can also see the disappointment of being cheated of Marc Sheifele’s face. He is 4 – 0 in our eyes. Click Here to learn more about the Seguin v. Scheifele Rock Paper Scissors Competition.

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