University of Tokyo create Rock Paper Scissors playing Robot.

Rock paper scissors is referred to as Janken in Japan, this is the game that is played by hand gestures. People love to play the game and is one of the most popular games that is played with hands. To the people who do not know about the game, it is played by the gestures of your hand and the paper beats rock, rock beats the scissors and the scissors beat paper. You will love the game when you play and win it.

The University of Tokyo has the Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory which has developed the third version of the Janken robot. This robot has the 100% winning rate which is the example of human-machine cooperation systems. At the timing of one, two, three, the human plays one of the rock, paper, and scissors while the robot hand plays one of the three kinds in order to win from the human being.

Features of the Janken robot:

The robot recognizes the human hand gestures at 1ms by the help of high-speed vision so the shape and position of the human hand is easily recognized by the robot. On the position of the human hand, the wrist joint of the robot hand is controlled based. The vision of the robot easily recognizes the rock paper or scissor gesture by the shape of human hand. After the recognition, it plays and make one of the rock paper scissor gesture to beat the human in 1 ms.

This is the perfect example of cooperation control in few minutes, it can also provide motion support to human beings as well as the cooperation between robots and human beings without delay of time.

If you look at another point of view factories can also get advantages by this robot, the situations where there are labour-inensive processes which require human hands or eyes can also be benefited by the Janken robot. Automating the processes is not possible and it also requires a great amount of money.  The productivity of the factories is improved because it has faster processing speed then human’s working speed. Though the cost-cutitng of the robot is difficult currently, however by increasing the speed of robot and visual abilities, the location condition of the factory can be transformed.

3rd version of Janken robot:

The third version is now available with 100% winning rate, this version includes the high-speed tracking technologies in order to expand the field view of the system. The technology includes “1 ms Auto Pilot-tilt” and also Lumipen 2 which enables it to track the human hand while recognizing its shape in high speed, other than that these technologies also improves the synchronization between the human hand and the motion of robot. This high-speed vision of the robot in combination with high-speed actuation of the hand makes the robot to achieve a 100% win.

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