[ad_1] As the world of competitive Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) continues to grow, the latest rankings update has left fans wondering who will take the crown as the top player.

The RPS rankings are updated every month by the World RPS Society, which is the governing body for the sport. Players from all over the world compete in tournaments and online matches to earn their spot on the rankings.

Currently, the top ten players in the world are all experienced competitors who have been playing for years. However, the latest update has seen some new names rise up the rankings, causing some speculation about who could take the top spot next.

One of the most promising new players is 18-year-old rising star, Emily Davis. Davis has been competing in local tournaments for two years and recently won first place in a regional championship. She is known for her strategic gameplay and has climbed up the rankings to sit at number 14.

Another player to watch is 25-year-old John Kim. Kim has been playing RPS for six years and has previously won several tournaments. His recent success in online competitions has propelled him to number six in the rankings, just a few spots away from the top.

But the current number one player, 32-year-old Michael Brown, is not going down without a fight. Brown has held the top spot for the past six months and has a winning record of 90% in tournaments. He is known for his aggressive gameplay and ability to read his opponents’ moves.

With so many talented players vying for the top spot, it will be interesting to see who will come out on top in the next rankings update. The World RPS Society encourages players of all skill levels to participate in tournaments, online matches, and other competitions to continue growing the sport.

In the end, the crown will go to the player who can outsmart their opponents and stay cool under pressure. Will it be a seasoned competitor like Michael Brown, or a rising star like Emily Davis or John Kim? Only time and the next rankings update will tell.[ad_2]

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