[ad_1] Breaking boundaries in music is a daunting task, but one that has been taken on by Rock Paper Scissors Records. The independent label, founded by Dmitri Vietze, has made waves in the music industry by defying genre and cultural boundaries in their mission to showcase innovative music from around the world.

Vietze, who has a background in music journalism and PR, started Rock Paper Scissors Records in 2014 with the goal of creating a platform for artists who are pushing musical boundaries. The label has since worked with a variety of unconventional artists, from Afro-Caribbean jazz ensemble Bokanté to Icelandic ambient-pop duo Pascal Pinon.

One of the hallmarks of Rock Paper Scissors Records is its commitment to showcasing international music. The label has a roster of artists from around the world, including France, Japan, Argentina, and South Korea. But Vietze isn’t just interested in promoting music from non-English-speaking countries. He’s also interested in artists who are blending different musical traditions, creating a new sound that defies genre categorization.

Take Bokanté, for instance. The band, which includes members from Guadeloupe, Morocco, and the United States, blends West African rhythms with bluesy guitar riffs and lead singer Malika Tirolien’s soulful vocals. It’s a fusion of styles that’s hard to pin down, and that’s exactly what Vietze loves about it. “I like music that surprises me and that I can’t easily categorize,” he says.

Rock Paper Scissors Records also embraces diversity in terms of cultural identity. The label’s roster includes musicians of different races, ethnicities, and gender identities, reflecting Vietze’s belief that “music should reflect the diversity of the world we live in.” In a music industry that has traditionally been dominated by white, male artists, Rock Paper Scissors Records is working to create a more equitable and inclusive space for musicians of all backgrounds.

Perhaps most importantly, Rock Paper Scissors Records is driven by a passion for music that defies commercial boundaries. Vietze isn’t interested in creating hit singles or following trends. Instead, he’s interested in working with artists who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in music. “I’m really looking for artists who are taking risks and doing something that hasn’t been done before,” he says.

Rock Paper Scissors Records is an inspiring example of what can happen when a vision for breaking boundaries in music is brought to life. Through their commitment to showcasing diverse, innovative, and international music, the label is proving that there’s still room for creativity and experimentation in the ever-evolving world of music.[ad_2]

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