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Embrace your passion for Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) by joining the World Rock Paper Scissors Association, the premier organization for RPS enthusiasts around the globe. As the largest group of professional RPS players, we have built an incredible community committed to promoting and celebrating the great game of Rock Paper Scissors.

Why Join the WRPSA?

As the number one organization for RPS news, articles, and resources, the WRPSA offers unparalleled access to the fascinating world of professional Rock Paper Scissors. By becoming a member, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Access to the largest community of RPS players worldwide
  2. Opportunities to compete professionally in RPS tournaments and championships
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  4. Networking opportunities with fellow RPS enthusiasts and professional players

Membership Benefits and Opportunities

Joining the World Rock Paper Scissors Association means supporting the growth and development of this unique sport. Our members form the largest RPS community worldwide, working together to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive environment for players.

As a member, you’ll gain access to the latest RPS articles, updates, and guidelines, as well as eligibility to participate in international tournaments and championships organized by the WRPSA.

Become a Professional RPS Athlete – for Free!

The best part? Membership in the WRPSA is completely free! To join, simply complete a one-step registration form with your name, gender, date of birth, email, and favorite RPS move. Once registered, you’ll officially become a professional RPS athlete.

Connect with Fellow RPS Enthusiasts

Being a registered WRPSA member grants you access to exclusive content and the ability to communicate with other professional RPS players who share your passion for Rock Paper Scissors. The World Rock Paper Scissors Association is open to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or experience level.

The only thing you need to know in order to become a professional athlete is,

Rock smashes Scissors

Scissors cuts Paper

Paper covers Rock

Now that you know that, you are ready to become a Professional Athlete and maybe even a World Rock Paper Scissors Champion!