We love Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments!! We love the competition, and most of all we love the opportunity to become a Champion! Find out if there are any upcoming tournaments are your City. Maybe you can be the next Rock Paper Scissors World Champion!!!

Rock Paper Scissors

Junior World Championship

We are looking for Schools, Sports Teams, Music Clubs that have Rock Paper Scissors Players Under the age of 18 that would like to compete as Professional Athletes and have the chance to Win a World Championship. Let us know if you or your group are interested in Competing Professionally!

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About Professional Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments

For Professional Athletes of RPS, The World Rock Paper Scissors Association is the only place for Championship Level Rock Paper Scissors Tournaments. Currently comprising of Annual Canadian. European, and United States National Championships along with the World Rock Paper Scissors Championship.

The guidelines for the competition are very simple. The players need to remain at each side of the table. There is additionally a referee that is directing the game and giving yellow or red cards if the players are not acting admirably. The simple rules that you should comprehend are rocks beat scissors, scissors beat paper, and paper beats rock.

WRPSA tournaments gives an equal chance of competing and winning to everyone, without any distortion or false means of playing. Proper guidelines, including strict rules to follow, have been accessible by WRPSA to avoid any sort of injustice activity.

On the fourth prime players make their move (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot). For those fresh to the game, the solitary worthy tosses are Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Any utilization of Dynamite, Bird, Well, Spock, Water, Match, Fire, God, Lightning, Bomb, Texas Longhorn, or other non-authorized tosses can bring permanent elimination from the grounds. Players are permitted the ability to confuse their opponents with announcing or giving a hint about their next move, with taunts and costumes.

Professional RPS Tournaments are completely authorized and easy way for anyone to become a Professional Athlete and compete. Besides, not requiring you to wake up early in the morning to hit the gym or consume the athlete’s diet. It does not even harm you physically, it actually requires you to learn and practice the skill-enhancing your mental capability and muscular activity. It is also very different from the usual sports but provides an excellent platform to showcase your skills, sportsmanship and win awards.

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