[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors, also known as RPS, is a game that has been played by people of all ages and genders for decades. However, it has recently gained a new status in the art world. Artists, graphic designers, and even ordinary people have been using RPS to create stunning artworks on canvas.

The idea behind RPS art is simple. The game of RPS is played by two people. Each player forms a shape with their hand, either a rock (closed fist), paper (flat hand), or scissors (two fingers in the shape of scissors). The objective is to beat the other player by choosing a shape that can beat theirs. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock, and scissors beat paper.

Using this game, artists can create various shapes, lines, and patterns on canvas, creating an entirely new form of art. The RPS game poses a new challenge for artists, wherein they have to make the patterns using the game’s three simple shapes. This simplicity is where the charm of RPS art lies. Artists do not have to be trained in painting or drawing to create fantastic artworks, anyone can do it!

What’s more? People have taken RPS art to another level by creating collaborative artworks. By playing RPS with a partner, they create a unique shape: rock, paper, and scissors, which is then added to the canvas. Collaborative artworks can lead to stunning features, with the patterns and lines forming unique imagery that might never have been created with individual art.

RPS art has become a popular medium in the digital world as well. Several online platforms allow artists to create digital RPS art, which they can save, print or share. There are also online RPS art communities, where artists can share their RPS artworks and create collaborations with other artists online.

In conclusion, RPS art is taking the art world by storm as it brings simplicity to the modern era, creating a new and unique form of art. It is also a fun activity that brings people together, whether playing RPS with a partner or creating collaborative art with a group of people. So, next time you play RPS, consider making it an artwork, who knows? You might become a renowned RPS artist.[ad_2]

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