[ad_1] Rock-paper-scissors, also known as RPS, is a game loved by all ages worldwide. It may seem like a simple game, but it requires strategy, quick thinking, and a bit of luck to win. With the rise of social media, RPS players are finding new ways to connect and showcase their skills through YouTube channels. Here are some up-and-coming RPS YouTubers you should check out.

1. RPSChamps: This channel features RPS matches from around the world, not just between individual players, but between teams as well. The RPSChamps add their own commentary, making the matches more exciting and engaging for viewers. They also interview RPS players, giving them a chance to share their strategies and experiences.

2. RockPaperScissorsTV: This channel not only features RPS matches but also commentary and analysis on different RPS styles and techniques. The channel is hosted by a group of RPS enthusiasts who share their own personal strategies and tactics, as well as their thoughts on the RPS community.

3. RPS Masters: This channel is dedicated to showcasing the 10 most popular RPS moves, known as the “RPS weapon triangle.” In addition to RPS matches, the RPS Masters also demonstrate the proper technique for each move, making it a great resource for anyone looking to improve their skills.

4. RPS World: This channel covers RPS events from around the world, including the World RPS Championships held annually in Toronto, Canada. In addition to matches, viewers can see behind-the-scenes interviews with players and organizers, as well as in-depth analysis of the different strategies used by competitors.

5. RPS League: This channel is more of a community than a traditional YouTube channel. The RPS League hosts online RPS tournaments, and the channel features highlights and recaps of each event. The channel also has a Discord community where RPS players can connect and chat with each other.

RPS may seem like a simple game, but these up-and-coming RPS YouTubers prove that it can be much more than that. With their engaging commentary, analysis, and interviews, they offer a new level of excitement to the classic game of rock-paper-scissors. So next time you have a spare minute, check out these channels and see if you can pick up some new RPS techniques or even join in on the fun yourself.[ad_2]

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