[ad_1] Rock Paper Shotgun (RPS) is a popular video game website that provides its readers with reviews, news, and features. As one of the most respected sources in the game industry, RPS has a reputation for being expertly curated, and they certainly don’t disappoint with their list of under-appreciated up-and-coming competitors.

Recently, RPS has compiled a list of the best kept secrets in the industry, acknowledging that while many games receive mainstream attention, there are plenty of titles that go unnoticed. This list offers a fantastic selection of games that deserve more recognition.

One of the games that RPS chose is Rakuen. Rakuen is an RPG in which you play the role of an injured child who is confined to a hospital, wherein they must explore the hospital and solve puzzles to uncover a world of rich, fantastical stories. The game has received excellent reviews from players, and its unique and creative gameplay has captivated many.

Another title mentioned on the list is While True: Learn. While True: Learn is a game that offers players the opportunity to create and train their own neural networks, making decisions to progress through levels. It features a delightful design, with cartoon-like graphics and upbeat music throughout. The gameplay challenges the player’s creativity, and after a few hours, one can thoroughly understand what this game is about.

In RPS’s list of top picks, they also feature the game Cat Quest. Cat Quest, as the title suggests, is a game that centers around cats – fighting, exploring, and leveling up. The game offers incredible attention to detail in its design, with charming graphics and an original storyline. Players love the game for its humor, creativity, and ability to give a new spin on the classic RPG format.

Finally, RPS gives a shout out to the platformer Celeste. While Celeste has received some mainstream recognition, it’s still underappreciated by many. Celeste follows Madeline, a young girl who scales a mountain to find herself. The game is beautifully designed, and its mechanics are expertly crafted to provide players with a challenge that can surprise them even during replaying the game.

In conclusion, these games deserve greater recognition because they offer a unique gaming experience that mainstream titles often do not. If you’re looking for something a little different from what you already know, then any of these games merit your attention. Although there are countless brilliant games in the market, these few picks are gems that one cannot miss. Hats off to RPS for their work in shedding light on these titles.[ad_2]

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