[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) is a fun and easy game that kids of all ages love to play. However, after playing the game a few times, it can become monotonous. That’s why it’s important to teach kids variations of the game to keep it fun, engaging, and educational. Here are some RPS variations that kids are sure to love:

1. RPS with a Twist- To play this variation, assign an action to each symbol. For example, instead of saying Rock, Paper, Scissors, use Rock, Butterfly, Fire. You could then tell kids that Rock crushes Butterfly, Butterfly avoids Fire, and Fire destroys Rock. This variation promotes critical thinking and creativity, as kids have to come up with new and interesting actions for each symbol.

2. RPS Spelling Bee- In this variation, instead of using symbols, use letters of the alphabet. Start with the first letter of the alphabet, and have each player choose a word that begins with that letter. The winner is the one who chose the word that is closest to the top of the list of words for that letter. This variation promotes spelling and vocabulary skills.

3. RPS Charades- In this variation, instead of using symbols or letters, have players act out a specific animal, object, or action that they have to guess. For example, a player could act out a snake, a monkey, or a swing. This variation promotes creativity, imagination, and nonverbal communication.

4. RPS Math- To play this variation, assign a number to each symbol. For example, Rock is 1, Paper is 2, and Scissors is 3. Players then have to add up the numbers they choose to determine the winner. This variation promotes math skills and critical thinking.

5. RPS Simon Says- In this variation, one player becomes the “Simon” and gives commands using the RPS symbols. For example, “Simon says, Rock” and players have to mimic that action. “Simon says, Paper” and players have to mimic that action. However, if Simon doesn’t say the action before giving the command, players shouldn’t do it. This variation promotes listening skills and reaction time.

Teaching RPS variations to kids is a fun and educational way to keep them engaged while developing their critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills. Don’t be afraid to come up with your own variations, too! With a little imagination, RPS can be an exciting game for kids of all ages.[ad_2]

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