[ad_1] As the music industry becomes increasingly saturated with new artists, record labels have the daunting task of discovering and nurturing talent. Enter A&R (artist and repertoire), the division of a record label responsible for scouting and signing new artists. Rock Paper Scissors Records, a New York-based independent label, has made a name for itself with its talent-spotting prowess and the unique approach it takes to A&R.

Founded in 2012 by musician and entrepreneur Peter Wise, Rock Paper Scissors Records has built a roster of eclectic and compelling artists ranging from indie rockers to soulful R&B singers. The label’s success is largely due to its unconventional A&R methods, which prioritize authenticity and intuition over industry trends.

One of the label’s primary talent spotters is A&R director Tom Simpson. In an interview with Music Business Worldwide, Simpson explained Rock Paper Scissors Records’ approach to discovering new artists: “We look for unique artists who have a distinct point of view and voice… We listen to a lot of music and go to a lot of shows, but ultimately our decisions are based on our gut instincts.”

Simpson and the label’s other A&R executives are also known for seeking out artists who have already established a strong fan base and a consistent artistic vision. This approach is exemplified by the label’s signing of the indie rock band The Dig. After releasing several independent EPs and touring extensively, The Dig caught the attention of Rock Paper Scissors Records and signed with them in 2014. Since then, the band has continued to build its fan base and release critically acclaimed albums.

Rock Paper Scissors Records also places a strong emphasis on developing long-term relationships with its artists. Unlike major labels, which often prioritize commercial success over creative freedom, Rock Paper Scissors Records allows its artists to maintain control over their music and image. The label also provides resources and support for its artists, including access to top producers and engineers.

In addition to its talent-spotting methods, Rock Paper Scissors Records has gained a reputation for its innovative marketing strategies. The label has employed tactics such as hosting secret shows and partnering with brands like Urban Outfitters to create buzz for its artists.

Ultimately, Rock Paper Scissors Records’ success in the A&R realm comes down to the label’s commitment to authenticity and passion for music. By prioritizing the artist’s vision and intuition over industry trends, the label has carved a unique niche for itself in the highly competitive music industry. As Simpson put it, “We want to work with artists who are pushing the boundaries and doing something different. And we want to help them do that on their own terms.”[ad_2]

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