[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors is one of the oldest and most popular hand games in the world, played by children and adults alike. The game is simple, yet it requires strategies and keen observation to win. However, some people tend to overlook the rules, making it unfair and frustrating for others. In this article, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of playing Rock Paper Scissors to ensure a fair game for everyone.

DO: Use the Proper Hand Gestures

Rock Paper Scissors is a game of hand gestures. Rock is represented by making a fist, Paper by an open hand, and Scissors by the index and middle finger forming a V shape. It is essential to use the proper hand gestures when playing to avoid confusion and potential disputes.

DON’T: Change Your Move Midway

Once you make a move, you cannot change it midway or switch to another move if you feel like it. Players should respect the sequence and stick to their chosen move until the game’s end. Changing moves midway is not only unfair but also against the game’s rules.

DO: Pay Attention to Your Opponent

Rock Paper Scissors is not entirely random. It involves reading your opponent’s moves and predicting their next move. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your opponent’s body language, hand movements, and facial expressions to make the right move.

DON’T: Cheat

Cheating is not acceptable in any game, including Rock Paper Scissors. Some common cheating methods include going back on a previous decision, hiding a move until the last minute, or adding a new move not included in the game’s rules. Cheating not only defeats the purpose of the game but also ruins the fun and spirit of the game.

DO: Settle Disputes Amicably

Sometimes disagreements can arise, especially when both players make the same move. In such cases, it’s important to settle disputes amicably by replaying the round or accepting a draw. The game should be played in good spirits, and disputes should not escalate to arguments or violence.

DON’T: Intentionally Delay the Game

Nobody likes a player who intentionally delays the game or takes too long to make a move. The game is meant to be fast-paced and fun, and players should make their moves quickly, without unnecessary delays.

In conclusion, Rock Paper Scissors is a simple yet exciting game that requires players to follow certain rules to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience. By following the dos and don’ts of the game, players can avoid disputes and misunderstandings, making it a fun experience for all involved. So, the next time you play, remember these rules and enjoy the game![ad_2]

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