In the annals of rock paper scissors history, no team has ever matched the sheer prowess and unparalleled dominance of the Legion of the Red Fist. Boasting two world champions, a back-to-back world championship-winning streak, and an incredible synergy among its members, this illustrious group of top-ranked players stands alone in the pantheon of greats.

[Image Caption: The indomitable Legion of the Red Fist at the 2004 Rock Paper Scissors World Championship. Pictured (L-R): Patty ‘Pusher’ Quain, Nick ‘Crusher’ Quain, Rob ‘Freddie’ Krueger, and Ken ‘Whitey’ Watson.]

Meet the Titans of the Legion of the Red Fist:

  1. Pete ‘Master’ Lovering (RPS World Champion 2002) Pete ‘Master’ Lovering, known for his exceptional strategy and lightning-quick reflexes, claimed the title of RPS World Champion in 2002. He played a pivotal role in the team’s success, setting the stage for a new era of rock paper scissors greatness.
  2. Rob ‘Freddie’ Krueger (RPS World Champion 2003) With unmatched precision and a keen understanding of his opponents, Rob ‘Freddie’ Krueger clinched the RPS World Champion title in 2003. His contributions to the team further solidified the Legion of the Red Fist as an unstoppable force.
  3. Ken ‘Whitey’ Watson (Top 10 Rock Paper Scissors Player in the World) Often regarded as the best player never to win a championship, Ken ‘Whitey’ Watson consistently ranked among the top 10 rock paper scissors players in the world. His tenacity and skill were instrumental in the team’s overall performance.
  4. Patty ‘Pusher’ Quain (Top 25 Rock Paper Scissors Player in the World) Patty ‘Pusher’ Quain, an expert in reading her opponents and adapting her strategy, secured a spot among the world’s top 25 rock paper scissors players. As a key member of the Legion of the Red Fist, she played a significant role in the team’s dominance.
  5. Nick ‘Crusher’ Quain (Top 25 Rock Paper Scissors Player in the World) Nick ‘Crusher’ Quain, the other half of the historic sibling duo, also ranked among the top 25 rock paper scissors players in the world. His aggressive playstyle and unwavering determination contributed to the team’s outstanding success.

This legendary ensemble of rock paper scissors titans boasted two world champions, the greatest player never to clinch a championship in Ken ‘Whitey’ Watson, and the first-ever sibling duo to simultaneously earn top 25 world rankings. The Legion of the Red Fist was, in every sense of the word, a dream team.

[Image Caption: A snapshot of greatness: Legion of the Red Fist members Pete ‘Master’ Lovering (RPS World Champion 2002), Nick ‘Crusher’ Quain, and Rob ‘Freddie’ Krueger (RPS World Champion 2003), alongside fellow competitors at the 2004 Rock Paper Scissors World Championship.]

To cement their status as the ultimate rock paper scissors powerhouse, the Legion of the Red Fist adhered to an inspiring motto that guided their path to victory:

“Confronted by rock, envelop it in paper. Face paper, sever it with scissors. And when challenged by scissors, crush them with the rock!”

Their unyielding commitment to this motto fostered an environment of relentless practice, tactical analysis, and team

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