[ad_1] Passion is a driving force that can lead to great things. The story of Rock Paper Scissors Records is a perfect example of how passion can take an idea and turn it into a successful business. The record label was founded by two friends who shared a love for music and a desire to create something meaningful. Their passion and dedication have led Rock Paper Scissors Records to become a respected player in the music industry.

The Beginning

It all started in 2012 when two friends, Luan and Ian, decided to start a record label. Luan had experience in the music industry, having worked for a large record label for several years. Ian was a musician and had been playing in a band for the past few years. They both shared a love for independent music and saw an opportunity to create a label that would support and promote emerging artists.

The Birth of Rock Paper Scissors Records

The name “Rock Paper Scissors Records” was inspired by the game that many of us played as children. To Luan and Ian, the game represented the unpredictability of the music industry. Just like in the game, it was impossible to predict the outcome of a particular situation, and sometimes you just had to take a chance and see what happens.

In the early days, Luan and Ian funded the label themselves. They would go to shows and scout for talented artists to sign. They would also spend countless hours on social media and in online music communities to find new talent. The first few releases were digital-only, and they promoted the artists through their website, social media, and online forums.

The Growth of Rock Paper Scissors Records

As the label grew, they started to get noticed by the music industry. Their releases were gaining traction, and several of their artists were getting radio play and positive reviews in music blogs. This led to more artists wanting to sign with the label, and they began to receive offers from distributors who wanted to work with them.

One of the defining moments for Rock Paper Scissors Records was when they signed their first vinyl release. It was a huge milestone for the label, and it opened up new opportunities for them. They started to get noticed by music lovers and collectors who appreciated the unique and limited edition records that they were producing.

Today, Rock Paper Scissors Records is a successful record label that has released over 70 albums and EPs. They have worked with artists from all over the world, and their releases have been distributed in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan. They have also won several awards and nominations, including the Independent Music Award for “Best Compilation Album” in 2018.

The Power of Passion

The story of Rock Paper Scissors Records is a shining example of the power of passion. It shows that if you are passionate about something and are willing to work hard, you can turn your dreams into reality. Luan and Ian’s love for music and their desire to make a difference in the music industry led them to create a successful business that has helped many emerging artists get their start.

In conclusion, the story of Rock Paper Scissors Records is not just about the birth and growth of a record label. It is a story about two friends who believed in something and were willing to take a chance on it. Their passion and dedication have led them to great success, and it is a testament to the power of following your dreams.[ad_2]

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