[ad_1] Rock-Paper-Scissors, or RPS, is a popular game that has been played for generations. It is often used to settle disputes or make decisions when there is no clear winner or loser. But did you know that RPS can also be used as a negotiation tactic?

First, let’s briefly review the rules of RPS. The game involves two players who simultaneously make a hand gesture representing either a rock, paper, or scissors. The winner is determined by which gesture beats the other. Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, and paper beats rock.

Now, how can this game be used in negotiations? One technique is called the “RPS gambit.” In this approach, one negotiator suggests playing a game of RPS to determine who goes first or who gets to make a decision.

This may seem like a simple and harmless suggestion, but it can actually have a psychological impact on the other party. The suggestion of playing a game implies that both parties are on equal footing and have an equal chance of winning. This can create a sense of fairness and reduce tension in the negotiation.

Additionally, the game itself can reveal important information about the other party’s negotiation style. Some people may be more aggressive and choose rock more often, while others may be more strategic and vary their choices. By observing the other party’s choices, a skilled negotiator may be able to gain insights into their decision-making process and adjust their own tactics accordingly.

It should be noted, however, that using RPS as a negotiation tactic should be done with caution. If the other party perceives it as a frivolous or condescending gesture, it could backfire and create more tension. It’s important to approach it as a strategic move rather than a gimmick.

In conclusion, RPS may seem like a simple game, but it can have surprising implications in negotiation tactics. The game can create a sense of fairness and reveal valuable information about the other party’s negotiating style. So, next time you’re in a negotiation, consider suggesting a game of RPS – it just might give you the upper hand.[ad_2]

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