[ad_1] The World Rock Paper Scissors Championship is one of the most fascinating and exciting events to witness. The game is simple but the competition is intense, with people from all parts of the globe coming together to battle it out and determine who is the best in the world at the game.

Every year, there are always unexpected upsets and surprises that happen during the championship, which add to the excitement of the event. Here are some of the most notable upsets that have happened in recent World Rock Paper Scissors Championships.

In 2018, Alex Heflin, a relatively unknown player from Virginia, shocked the world by defeating Andrea Farina, a two-time world champion from Italy, in the quarterfinals. Farina had been the clear favorite to win the championship, but Heflin played an outstanding game and managed to come out on top.

Another surprise from the same year was the impressive performance by Amanoda Musaeva, a competitor from Kyrgyzstan. Musaeva made it all the way to the semi-finals, despite being a complete unknown in the rock-paper-scissors community. Her performance caught everyone off guard and her newfound popularity earned her a number of fans.

The 2019 championship also had a few surprises in store. One of the most notable upsets was the early exit of Hideyuki Suzuki, a Japanese player who was considered by many to be one of the best in the world. Suzuki lost to a relative newcomer, Nicholas Kajcik from the United States, in the second round.

In the same year, Colin Dowling, a 42-year-old individual from the UK, scored a major upset by knocking out one of the favorites to win the championship, defending champion Antonio Esfandiari. Dowling, who had only been playing for a few months, pulled off the win with an amazing level of strategy and finesse.

Another surprising moment in the 2019 championship was the first all-female final in the history of the event. Juliette Tibayrenc from France and Ellen Huberts from the Netherlands took the top two spots, proving that rock-paper-scissors is a game that anyone can master, regardless of gender.

In the most recent championship held in 2021, the biggest upset came in the form of Tomoyuki Hashimoto of Japan being ousted by the relatively unknown Anatoliy Belkin of Russia. Hashimoto had made it all the way to the semi-finals last time but couldn’t repeat his feat, losing in the quarterfinals instead.

These unexpected upsets and surprises are what make the World Rock Paper Scissors Championship such a thrilling event to follow. Fans never know what to expect, and players always have the chance to break new ground and surprise everyone with their skills. With the next championship scheduled to take place in 2022, we can only wait and see what other surprises and upsets will take place at this truly unique and entertaining event.[ad_2]

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