[ad_1] Rock, Paper, Scissors is one of the oldest and most popular games of all time. It’s a game that requires quick reflexes and a bit of strategy. While many people play the game casually, some take it very seriously and have even turned it into a competitive sport. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the world’s most legendary rock paper scissors players.

1. Andrew Bergel
Andrew Bergel is often called the “RPS Godfather” because of his legendary status in the world of rock paper scissors. In 2006, Bergel became the first world champion of rock paper scissors after winning the inaugural World Rock Paper Scissors Championship in Toronto. He then went on to win the championship two more times in 2007 and 2008.

2. Doug Walker
Doug Walker is another legendary rock paper scissors player who has made a name for himself in the competitive world of RPS. He was a finalist in the first two World RPS Championships and won the title in 2011. Walker is also known for his unique strategy of making noises during his throws, which he believes throws off his opponents.

3. Tim Conrad
Tim Conrad is a three-time world champion of rock paper scissors. He won the title in 2012, 2013, and 2014. Conrad’s success in RPS can be attributed to his analytical approach. He studies his opponents carefully and tries to predict their moves by analyzing their patterns.

4. Tom “Black Scissors” Weller
Tom Weller is a rock paper scissors player who is known for his impressive winning streaks. He once won 28 games in a row at a tournament in Hong Kong. Weller is also known for his consistency in his throws. He rarely deviates from his strategy of throwing “rock” on the first move, which has helped him win many games.

5. Andrea Farina
Andrea Farina is a rock paper scissors player from Italy who has won several national and international championships. She has been playing RPS for more than 10 years and is known for her strategic approach. Farina believes in the importance of mind games and psyching out opponents before matches.

In conclusion, rock paper scissors might seem like a simple game, but it has gained a massive following and even turned into a competitive sport. Players like Andrew Bergel, Doug Walker, Tim Conrad, Tom Weller, and Andrea Farina have become legends in the world of rock paper scissors and continue to inspire others to take the game seriously.[ad_2]

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