[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors Records is a label that has been dedicated to revolutionizing the world of music since its inception. This label started with a vision of creating a platform for artists who were passionate about their music and wanted to be heard in the industry. Today, the label has become a leading force in the music industry and continues to be a dominant player in the scene.

The journey of Rock Paper Scissors Records started in 2010, when the founders recognized that the traditional music industry was not working for emerging artists. The process of getting signed to a major label was long and arduous, and even if an artist did manage to get signed, they often had to sacrifice creative control over their music. This realization led the founders to form a new kind of label that would prioritize the needs of the artists and provide them with the support they needed to succeed.

The early days of the label were filled with challenges. Starting a new business in any industry is never easy, and the music industry is no exception. However, the team at Rock Paper Scissors Records was determined to succeed, and they worked tirelessly to build a label that would support artists and celebrate their individuality.

One of the key factors that set Rock Paper Scissors Records apart from other labels was their commitment to fostering a diverse range of artists. They recognized that the music industry had been dominated by a narrow range of genres and wanted to create a platform for artists from all backgrounds to shine. This helped the label to create a following among fans who were looking for something different in their music.

Over the years, Rock Paper Scissors Records has continued to innovate and evolve. They have diversified their offerings, providing services beyond just signing and recording artists. The label now offers marketing, distribution, and publishing services to help artists reach a wider audience.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed in the industry, and they have received numerous accolades for their work. In 2019, Rock Paper Scissors Records was recognized as one of the top independent labels in the United States by Billboard Magazine. They have also been named as a finalist for the Music Week Awards’ Independent Label of the Year.

Today, Rock Paper Scissors Records remains committed to their mission of supporting artists and revolutionizing the music industry. They have built a strong roster of talented musicians and continue to offer innovative services that help artists succeed. Their journey so far has been impressive, and there is no doubt that they will continue to make waves in the industry for years to come.[ad_2]

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