Referee David McNamara appeals ban.

David McNamara is working as a professional submarine welfare training officer for the Royal Navy. This year, McNamara has given his service as a referee in two WSL matches and takes charge of National League North games.

Talking about the happening in this month, he forgot to take the coin for toss and FA bans him for his carelessness. The Football Association, women’s refereeing manager said that referee forgot his coin and in a live game it’s really nonsense act and also considers it as a movement of madness. Moreover, she said rather he came back and take his coin, that means he waste time, so he prefers to do this act to continue the game and save time. Obviously, his act is not defendable, professional should be prepared for all circumstances. He should have a coin but he doesn’t have that time and it’s not appropriate and totally unprofessional.

What the game laws say about this

According to game laws, the toss should be done with the coin then how can he forget to take coin? Because without coin how can you even imagine to start a match? It’s really a poor decision. McNamara has recalled his appeal in opposed to the 21-day suspension. He was sided by the FA for using other thing accepts a coin toss in previous Women’s Super League clash.

The suspension from game

On October 26, the authorities take serious action with the sentence after “not acting in the best interests of the game” to the conflict with Manchester City. Authorities said it’s not a professional way to left things behind on work time. McNamara was highly criticized by officials and luckily got 21 days suspension order only and after his punishment, he will be on his duty.

The referee asked both team captain, Steph Houghton and Kirsty Pearce, to use the rock, paper, scissors method as a toss. The FA confirmed that he has been suspended for 21 days started from 26th November and will be able to return officiating from 16th December. The official initially requested the decision but has now revoked it. The statement comes from Charity Ref Support UK that he gave to BCC that they are confirming that Dave McNamara has been retracted his appeal of the 21-day suspension, issued to him by the FA referee’s department.

Referees are standing with him

An Irish referee, Dermot Gallagher speaks to broadcast that how he once forgot to bring his coin and he was forced to play the game. The Brazilian star Ronaldinho was there. He was a caption at that time and the match was between Brazil and the Hungarian team. For toss, Gallagher put his hand in his pocket but he didn’t find any coin. He said his coin that was an Irish punt and was the referee at PSG in Europe at that time. The appraiser comes to meet me before the match to fix it. He said to Ronaldo, does it as it is a new Fifa rule; he did it what I said. I played scissors, rock, paper with Ronaldo and I never seen anything like it.

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