[ad_1] Rock, paper, scissors battles have become a popular activity for people of all ages. It’s a game that seems simple enough, but when played in a competitive setting, it can become intense and exciting. There are now several venues around the world that host rock, paper, scissors battles. Here are the top venues for competing.

1. World RPS Society – Toronto, Canada
The World RPS Society is the premier organization for rock, paper, scissors battles. They host an annual championship in Toronto that attracts competitors from all over the world. The event draws huge crowds and is known for its high energy and exciting atmosphere.

2. The West Coast RPS Championships – Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas is known for its glitz and glamour, and the West Coast RPS Championships fit right in. The event is held at the Palms Casino Resort and has a prize pool worth thousands of dollars. The competition is fierce, and the atmosphere is electric.

3. The International Rock Paper Scissors Festival – London, UK
The International Rock Paper Scissors Festival is held every year in London. The competition is open to anyone who wants to participate, and the event attracts both professional and amateur players. It’s a fun and inclusive event that celebrates the simplicity of the game.

4. The World Series of Rock Paper Scissors – Chicago, USA
The World Series of Rock Paper Scissors is one of the largest rock, paper, scissors events in the world. The competition is held in Chicago and draws thousands of players and spectators. The winner of the event receives a cash prize and is crowned the best rock, paper, scissors player in the world.

5. Rock Paper Scissors Nationals – Toronto, Canada
The Rock Paper Scissors Nationals is another popular event held in Toronto. It’s a fun and lighthearted event that attracts players of all skill levels. The event features a variety of different games and challenges, including speed rock, paper, scissors and tag team battles.

In conclusion, rock, paper, scissors battles have become a popular form of entertainment around the world. If you’re interested in testing your skills against other players, these venues are the perfect places to start. Whether you’re a professional player or just looking to have some fun, these events offer something for everyone. So, grab your friends, practice your strategy, and get ready to battle it out in the ultimate game of rock, paper, scissors.[ad_2]

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