[ad_1] Rock Paper Scissors is a game that is known worldwide and often used as a tiebreaker or fun activity. However, are you playing the game correctly? Rock Paper Scissors experts have shared their top tips for playing by the rules.

Firstly, it is essential to use the correct terminology when playing Rock Paper Scissors. The game contains three hand signals called “Rock,” “Paper,” and “Scissors,” not “Stone,” “Sheet,” and “Cutting Weapon.” According to the World Rock Paper Scissors Society (WRPS), calling the signals by their proper name is critical to maintaining the game’s integrity.

Secondly, the game must operate on a one-two-three shoot rhythm. All players must say “rock, paper, scissors” on the count of three and then reveal their hand signal. Any attempted alteration of this rhythm is considered cheating.

Thirdly, players must make their hand signal and then reveal it at the same time as their opponent. It is considered dishonest and unfair to reveal your signal after your opponent has done so.

Fourthly, players are not allowed to use their hands to “smother” their opponent’s hand signal. Incorporation of any physical struggle is against the rules, and instead, players must show their hand in a steady and non-aggressive manner.

Finally, it is essential to remember that Rock Paper Scissors is a game of chance. While you might think that your opponent has a “tell,” such as always starting with “rock,” this is unlikely. According to the WRPS, the game is unpredictable and can’t be influenced by any psychological factors.

Following these rules ensures that Rock Paper Scissors remains a fair and fun game for all involved. Happy playing![ad_2]

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