[ad_1] Rock-paper-scissors, the classic hand game many of us have played since childhood, has now become a global phenomenon. And at the forefront of this obsession is 30-year-old American Roshan “RPS Roshan” George, who has been crowned the world’s best rock-paper-scissors player by the World RPS Society.

Over the years, George has trained his mind and gyms to become a master of the game. He studies his opponents, their tendencies, and even their psychology to gain an edge. And it has certainly paid off since he has won numerous titles and competitions, including the prestigious RPS World Championship twice.

George has built a career out of rock-paper-scissors, traveling the globe to face off against the world’s top players. He has even set up his own agency, the RPS Agency, to train and connect players in the RPS community.

But to George, it’s not just about winning titles or fame. He sees rock-paper-scissors as a way to bring people together and connect with others from all walks of life. “I’ve met so many great people through RPS,” he said. “It’s amazing how a simple game can bring people together.”

George’s passion and skill have really put rock-paper-scissors on the map. He has been featured in newspapers, magazines and TV shows, bringing the game to a wider audience.

So, what’s next for RPS Roshan? He has his sights set on spreading the joy of rock-paper-scissors to every corner of the globe. He plans to continue competing, teaching and promoting the game, hoping to create an international RPS league.

Whether you’re a fan of the game or a newcomer, it’s clear that rock-paper-scissors has come a long way since the playground days. And RPS Roshan is leading the charge, one game at a time.[ad_2]

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