Evil Game?

If the Rock Paper Scissors is evil game, then it is only the sons of the devil that can participate, and the raving fans are, of course, spectators in the evil circuit. That aside, the game continues to gather interest from people from different spheres of the world. Therefore, the idea that the game is evil is not even considered, or the game has been proven to be not evil. Whatever the case may be, the Rock Paper Scissors game is not just any regular game that could be brushed aside in the face of an assumption or presumed nature of evil.

In another sense, the Rock Paper Scissors game is not a new game invented by people who wanted to enjoy free time or engage in hand gesturing exercise while having fun. The game has existed for as long as history can remember, and that makes it a game with a past, even though it may be ugly to look at. But whatever the case may be, it is not for us to completely lay claim over the nature of the Rock Paper Scissors game. This is due to many reasons. One, we can all agree that the game was not invented by any of the current inhabitants of the earth. That makes it full knowledge above us, except we employ recorded histories. Two, perhaps those who have of the belief that the game is evil are yet to fully undergo the study of the game, its organizational procedures, applications of moves, etc.  But since they can connect the hand gestures in the Rock Paper Scissors game to some other natural element or rather weird signs, they thus pronounce the game to be evil and continue to argue the game’s very nature.

Truth be told, as much as the question of whether the game is evil or not sounds unusual to the ears, there is usually a feeling of curiosity that follows. The mere hearing of such an argument over a game may make one quick to conclude as to the possibility that it is truly an evil game. This is particularly true in the case of those who do not understand what the game is all about. People believe that some things should not just be up for questioning. If they are, it will be quick to make conclusions since such questioning is largely unexpected. This is the case of asking whether the Rock Paper Scissors game is evil or not. The thing is that it weird to call a game evil. But if you ever think of it as evil, then there is a good chance that it is.

Nonetheless, of this assumption by many, it does not turn the game’s nature to be evil; neither does it reduce the growing interest the game is gathering from all around the world. The reality even is that the idea that the game is or may be evil is not welcomed and is quick to be thrown into the bin. Before we try to assume a position between the two extremes of whether the Rock Paper Scissors game is evil or not, there is important knowledge we must fill ourselves with. In the course of doing this, one will understand the game better, why it may be called evil, and a possible misconception over it. It is therefore advised to read this article with an open mind.

There is no fast rule that we can use to determine whether the game is evil. For the people with background knowledge of the Rock Paper Scissors game, choosing a side from the two extremes may come out from a subjective position. This is as a result of their little know-how of the game or their experience in the course of participating in one or two RPS games. We are trying to say that whether the RPS game is evil may have been borne out of personal position or experience in the same way the answer can come from a subjective position. It should be noted that this article is not written to blindly follow any already given position regarding the nature of the game. Instead, it is researched-based from an entirely objective point of view. Therefore, whatever answers you get from here are backed up by the necessary knowledge of history and facts.

Without trying to seem overconfident, it is essential to take a walk back in history, find explanations concerning the Rock Paper Scissors game, its build-up procedures, and any perceived similarities with the nature of other things. This will help us understand if there is a misconception over RPS or that someone is just trying to hate it.

A Quick Trip Back In Time

The game was first mentioned in Wuzazu, a book written by Xie Zhaozhi, the Chinese dynasty writer. Xie wrote the game in the time of the Chinese Han dynasty, which was between 206 BCE – 220 BCE. The game was referred to as shoushiling in the book. It was this that was later transformed in Japan, although it still carries the same format. Japan’s history refers to the game as sansukumi-ken, which means “three who are afraid of one another. For instance, A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A. The Chinese form of the sansukumi-ken game was called mushi-ken represented by the “frog” (thumb), the “slug” (little finger), and the “snake” (index finger).

Today, the most popular sansukumi-ken game is known as Jan-ken represented by rock, paper, and scissors signs. These three elements have become the most common since the modern form of the game was adopted in the late 19th century. This is a little of the background history of the game. There is nowhere it is told that the game is anything evil. Let us move forward now.

Possible Reasons

Since history does not tell us that the game was borne of the devil or evil if its participation, what then may cause some people to consider it evil? Remember, we said it is possible that people’s conclusions may be from their personal experience or subjective position. Therefore, let us consider some possible reasons why people may pronounce the Rock Paper Scissors game as evil. It must be noted that their reasons do not validate or qualify that game as evil in any true sense. But it will give us the knowledge of why such an adjective is used for the game.

·        Part of Chinese martial arts?

One interesting concept of Chinese martial arts is the theory of “ti da shuai na.” The four elements are often referred to as the Rock Paper Scissors of the Chinese martial arts. Wonder why some say it is evil. “Ti” means legs techniques or kicking, “da’ refers to striking with either open hand or closed, “shuai” refers to all wrestling techniques, and lastly, “na” means grappling and techniques in join locking.

Chinese martial arts indeed require some form of meditation, self-position, movements, and gestures that may be considered unusual for a person. Since the moves and techniques related above are also referred to as the Rock Paper Scissors of the “ti da shuai na” Chinese martial arts, it must have been one of the grounds by the Rock Paper Scissors game is considered evil. This is to consider the nature of learning and know the techniques of fighting explained in the techniques.

This connection may not be the most popular since many people may be unaware of it. This is one of the possible reasons you may hear people calling the RPS game an evil game.

A source of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Alright, this is a bit interesting. If you have ever participated in a Rock Paper Scissors game or witness participants in the game, you would agree with this excuse that the game may bring some psychological effects. Consider the intensity, curiosity, fearful anticipation, and heating mental processes that permeate the game’s environment. Although not intended, the game has been said to trigger mental trauma and stress.

·        Personal experience

We said earlier that people’s conception of the RPS game as evil might be borne out of their experience in the game. The other reasons listed above can be considered general as many would subscribe to them. Another reason may, however, be particular to the person giving it. For instance, a participant may have experienced unfairness in the hands of the referee.  A spectator may be excused from the venue for exhibiting a behavior while the game is on. Also, the act of hitting may be experienced. This is where the person showing “Rock” smacks the opponent’s hand in the course of showing the move. The act is now prohibited, though, as a result of hand injuries that resulted from it.

In essence, going through all these possible reasons, one thing is certain. These excuses are not enough to declare the Rock Paper Scissors game an evil game. The game is nothing near being evil despite the complexities that may surround it. Perhaps the evil in the sense that people consider it is not the devil’s dreadful nature; it must have been a mere qualification of the game’s distinct, unique, and unusual nature. For instance, the game’s environment is usually held, the regulations for playing, the professionalism involved, etc.

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