Games Created with Rock Paper Scissors.

Rock paper scissors can be a foundation for anything you want it to be. It is quite a simple game that is like a building block. And it may come in different forms. The constant factor about the games is the strengths. While the game may be elaborate and intricate, the base method of playing is the same. Over time, several games have been built with the building blocks of Rock Paper Scissors. This article discusses some of these games created with Rock Paper Scissors.

4 Games Created with Rock Paper Scissors

Many games were created based on the system of Rock Paper. Such games include –

  • Pokémon

This role-playing game is a great example of games that use Rock Paper Scissors. The game does not use the words “rock paper scissors”, however. Rather, it bears strong similarities. Anyone could very well draw the line between the two games. In Pokémon, the system has a different name. Here, a grass Pokémon is weak to fire, fire is weak to water, and water is weak to grass. It is how the gameplay goes. Just as fire is weak to water, rock is weak to paper.

  • Fire emblem

Differently, the game of Fire emblem also uses the system of Rock Paper Scissors. While it is not in the same way as the others, it is equally entertaining. In the game, attacks may have no meaning if the element is stronger. Basically, to fire an attack, you need to be elementally advantaged. The Rock Paper Scissors system determines what element is stronger than the next.

  • Alex Kidd in miracle world

In Alex Kidd, there are a series of games played. To go to higher levels, you have to play against the bosses. The way to defeat the bosses is through a game of Rock Paper Scissors. Thus, the use of Rock Paper Scissors is very clear here. Winning a game of Rock Paper Scissors also allows the player to perform his attack. It is like a battle of Rock Paper Scissors and the victor gets a chance to attack. This makes sure the game is not monotonous and boring. A lot of the games played in Japan are modeled after Rock Paper Scissors.

  • Super Smash Bros

The principles of Rock Paper Scissors are clear in this game. In fact, the three basic actions available in the game are from the system. Attack, defense, and grab are the basic actions. This is very similar to the well-known Rock Paper Scissors. As seen from the popularity of the game, the system is not a boring one. Super Smash Bros is one of the most widely played games in the world. It is this familiarity that allows people to understand how to play. Since the underlying principle of the game is familiar, so is the game.

Advantages of Creating Games with Rock Paper Scissors

  • Competition

There is a certain thrill that players get when playing a game. It is like an adrenaline shot to the heart, especially when winning. To heighten this sensation, building on Rock Paper Scissors is necessary. Knowing that your decisions have an effect takes things up a notch. When games are more competitive, then people get more involved in it. While the structure of the game may be simplistic, it is very effective. Using this system ensures that no game becomes one-sided. A game “killer” is when it is way too straightforward. Imagine if the way to win a round was by always playing rock. A game like that would not gain anyone’s preference and would not last long in the gaming market.

  • Strategy

Making a game more engaging is a very good thing. It means giving the players a lot more to think about. If you play paper, will it beat this element? This makes the game beautiful. The use of the choices available calls for strategy. Playing such a game, thus, makes you think critically. You must think and make wise decisions. Games that involve strategy makes for a more engaging experience. After all, the player is immersed in the game and the choices available.

  • Fun

What other purposes can a game serve than to be entertaining? That is the primary goal. A game is not much fun if it is unable to provide entertainment. Though the Rock Paper Scissors style may seem basic, it is far from it. This system is popular because it forces you to think and consider. You have to make moves that will bring you closer to winning. In the process of making the moves, the fun builds up. And once the game can provide entertainment, then the game is successful. Again, using this system allows for players to maximize their decisions.

Disadvantages of Creating Games with Rock Paper Scissors

  • Again, competition

While a game being competitive is not a bad thing, being too competitive is. The point of competition in a game is for it to add the thrill. Competition is supposed to raise the stakes. However, there is the possibility that the stake could go too high. While having a game with high stakes can heighten the excitement, there is a limit. There is a certain threshold that when crossed over, the game becomes something other than intended. If a game is too competitive, then it loses the players. Again, the point is to entertain and give relief. Making it too competitive will take out the joy of the game.

  • Limitation

The system of playing the game is well thought out but limited. Admittedly, it allows for a variance of actions. However, those actions are still limited. The mode of playing is bound by the Rock Paper Scissors system. While it is not a deal-breaker, it is worth noting.


The system of Rock Paper Scissors is a great tool in game-making. It is particularly sought after for its simplicity and its versatility. Also, the simple way of playing makes sure that players can get the game. And the versatile nature of the game is why it is in many other games. Sure, they are different games but a lot of them are just variations. The use of the Rock Paper Scissors system is also linked to familiarity. Rock Paper Scissors is a game played all over the world. Using the system in games helps a great deal. Players will subconsciously register this and play the game easily.

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