[ad_1] The National Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Conference recently took place in Washington D.C., highlighting the nationwide push towards clean energy. The conference brought together policymakers, energy companies, and environmental advocates to discuss and explore the best ways to promote the use of renewable energy.

One of the main topics of discussion was the goal of reaching 100% clean energy in the United States. Many states have already set out on this path, passing legislation to establish renewable energy targets. Some attendees emphasized the importance of federal action in reaching this goal, arguing that the ambitious target of 100% clean energy cannot be achieved unless all levels of government work together.

Another topic that received a great deal of attention was the importance of equity in our transition to clean energy. As the conference heard from environmental justice advocates, low-income communities and communities of color are often the most impacted by pollution from fossil fuels, and must not be left behind as we transition to renewable energy. Many speakers argued that renewable energy investments should prioritize these communities, in order to help address historic inequalities in access to clean air, water, and energy.

Perhaps one of the most exciting elements of the conference was the breadth of innovative solutions that were discussed. Presentations included discussions of battery storage, offshore wind, and community solar programs, among other topics. The conference exposed attendees to the latest ideas in clean energy, providing individuals with the opportunity to learn from one another and to spur collaboration.

Overall, the National RPS Conference highlighted the progress and potential for clean energy in the United States. While a transition to 100% clean energy will be challenging, it is clear from the numerous successful state initiatives that this goal is within reach. With a continued focus on equity and innovation, the future of renewable energy is bright.[ad_2]

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