Rock Paper Scissors Shoot Why Use?

The Rock Paper Scissors Method Of Play That Promotes Fairness And Equality

One of the very interesting things you will learn about the Rock Paper Scissors Shoot game is its game formation and playing procedure. There is no doubt that part of what adds uniqueness to the nature of the game is the style of play. A lot of sports have similar playing styles, but there is not a lot out there that can boast of having a similar style like the Rock Paper Scissors game. The Rock Paper Scissors game is seen as a game with honor, and the need to preserve its honor has always been foremost in the hearts of the RPS authorities. As a result of that resolve, the management bodies continue to try as much as possible to preserve the procedures that direct the way the game is being played and interpreted.

It is essential for a start to note what those things constitute the game’s play procedure. The way the game is being played identifies the characteristics of objectivity, equality, and fairness. These are some of the unique features that are developed by the makers of the game to sustain its honor and ensure that the purpose of the game is preserved. Let us consider it from this point of view; the game offers balance, regardless of the participants’ positions or personality. Check out the following hit points that clearly describe part of the gameplay:

  • The game offers a leveled playing ground between two individuals, regardless of their height, social position, and influence.
  • The game uses a referee to ensure that the balance created is sustained and that no participant intimidates the other player, contrary to the game’s regulations. For instance, the game does not segregate between a frequent participant in the tournament and a first-timer.
  • The game provides both participants with equal chances of winning. The only factors that may favor one player over the other are those related to the individual player like experience levels, skills, strategies, etc.

What we are trying to say is that the Rock Paper Scissors game is one of those few games that promote fairness and equality between its players. And one of the ways that this is evident is in the procedure of play. In other words, the game ensures equality up to the very point where the throws are interpreted. Before that, players have to extend their throws. In other to simplify our explanations, consider the following questions carefully:

  • How do the players know when to throw without any disagreement over who a mistaken throw?
  • How does the game ensure that a player does not cheat his opponent while making his throw?
  • How is a player prevented from using an intentional delay tactic before making his throw?
  • How does a player know his throw is final and cannot be changed?

These and many other similar questions that may bother on proper throwing are what the gameplay procedure has tried to solve. And the truth is, it has recorded huge success. The later part of this article will discuss one throw method that has tried to displace the most used format of play. It will also consider why there are clamors to formally validate the newly discovered method of play in standard RPS games. It should be noted that this article will not try to give a verdict as to which method should be employed. Instead, it will seek and objective observation of the two methods.

The Regular Way Of Calling Throws

From the establishment of the game, the only way of play is to call the game’s name, which signifies the level of readiness of the players to make their throws. Upon the call of the name, each of the players extends his hand gesture before it is interpreted and calculated. For instance, the call is often in this format: Rock! Paper!! Scissors!!!

It is just like in a race where the umpire shouts “on your mark, get set,” and then shoot the gun before the participants start running. The Rock Paper Scissors game puts both players on the same level of play, and no player should extend his hand until after the call is made.

Is It Bad?

Of course not. This is what has been in use since the game started gaining popularity throughout the world. Even; this is the method of play that has been adopted by the World RPS Authorities for standard and regulated tournaments. However, there have been discoveries made which may signify the end of this method of play very soon. One major excuse developed against this method is its highly possible effect on the players, particularly beginners. It is discovered that calling Rock! Paper!! Scissors!!! may confuse the mind of the player, thereby influencing him to throw the “Scissors.” There is every possibility that the player may get carried away in the process and throw the last object he hears, thus making him drift away from his strategies.

Rock! Paper!! Scissors!!! Shoot!!!!

As a result of the one major problem that the former method of play may cause, there has been a little development in the addition of “Shoot!” to the call format. It makes better sense to call Rock! Paper!! Scissors!!! Shoot!!!! One, “Shoot,” has no influence, and each player can be conscious of what he wants to throw. Also, it serves as a call to action. The word literally would mean that the players should make their moves. Rock! Paper!! Scissors!!! Shoot!!! really does sound better.

Comparing the two methods of calling throws, one would see clearly, which offers more protection against influence. The “shoot” method is recording increasing influence in some parts of the world where the game is being played. While the usual method may have gained popularity and use over the years, it is possible that the emerging method may soon be in use for standard tournaments. Only time will tell.

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