David McNamara the Rock Paper Scissors Referee.

Rock paper scissors are more than a game it is used for a variety of purposes, though the circumstances can be different with various consequences. You might have heard about playing rock paper scissors as a celebration or to make a decision but have you heard about the famous referee who used rock paper scissors as a toss.

Rock paper scissors toss:

A referee named David McNamara used rock paper scissors to toss at the beginning of the women’s super league match, though it is also suggested that he had done it before on multiple occasions.

McNamara received a 21-day ban for using rock paper scissors as a toss, it is said that he forgot to bring the coin to the field and has to think of an alternative while standing in the center circle. The match was held on 26 October between Manchester city and reading.

Reason for the ban:

Although the referee was contacted in the response since the football rule book needs a coin to toss in order to kick-start the game. McNamara received a 21-day ban from Football Association because he did not act in the best interest of the game at Women Super League.

As a response hundred of referees started to use rock paper scissors in order to support McNamara at the grassroots matches by having a belief that he has been set guilty for an innocent mistake.

Some sources reveal that he has been doing it before in the matches and also that he selected to use the game before the start of the televised match.

FA statement :

The Football Association provided the following statement for the suspension of McNamara.

FA confirmed that David McNamara is suspended for 21 days which start from 26 November as he accepted the charge of not working in the best interest of the football match which is due to the incident of WSL match held on 26 October between Manchester city and reading since the referee failed in determining which team will start the match by the coin toss which is required by the game laws.

Statements in favour:

The CEO of Ref support UK assisted McNamara and said that officials of the match around the globe took chances of being charged for the purpose of supporting McNamara, they all will feel bad and embarrassed after knowing that this has been premeditated.

He describes the 21-day ban as disproportionate, he insisted that the grassroots actions should now be changed. He further added that saying rock paper scissors by the referees in the youth football specifically will define positive engagement with the younger players. He said that he will love to see the rule change that in under 12s matches the referees are permitted to use rock paper scissors as the kick-off procedure at the beginning of the match.

The rock paper scissors toss is not a bad idea it will also add fun and humour to the game.

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