Rock Paper Scissors Drinking Game.

The Rock Paper Scissors drinking game is an interesting game, no doubt about that. There is a difference between something being old and a thing being useful at the same time. Apart from having a rich background on the pages of history, the Rock Paper Scissors game has also been able to sustain its usefulness. One way to check whether a game or sport is still alive in the hearts of men is to consider how much interest people have in it. Interestingly, the Rock Paper Scissors game still holds the heart of many. It would be correct to say that the game has gone from being just an old game to something more.

Over the years, the Rock Paper Scissors game has built a reputation for being one of the games for gentlemen. True, there may be an aggressive part to it. But generally, those who are in the RPS world understand the value and ideology that the game possesses. The game requires not only skills and experience but also mindfulness. Judging from the history of the game, no one would argue that mindfulness is one of the game’s core features. The popularity of the game continues to increase. This perhaps is due to the uniqueness inherent in its operation.

In this article, we will consider one of the ways in which the Rock Paper Scissors game is unique and different from almost all other games or sports. As you will see, there is a lot that this game has to offer. Those that subscribe to playing this game are not only learning the mastery of it but also having a good time while doing so.

The Uniqueness Of The Rock Paper Scissors Game

First, the processes that are involved in the game are something that should interest almost everybody. Players come facing each other and throw hand gestures with calculated moves to determine who wins or loses. The hand gestures are created in ways the make them possess distinct powers and interpretations. Also, playing the game requires mind processes and a high level of concentration. The mind is actively involved. The addition of all these realities is one of the reasons why the game is thrilling to play.

One of the ways why the game is exceptionally unique is that it can be played for a different purpose. Of course, the game’s primary purpose is to establish mastery (winning and losing, like every other game). However, the game can be played at a very informal platform that gives the players the chance to modify the reasons for playing. In other words, apart from the already established fact that players try to establish who is better, there can also be additional motives for playing. These motives can be created from various intents, and they make the game even more desirable.

You do not often see a game or sport having so many dynamics. However, it should be noted at this point that the game’s originality is not affected in trying to add other reasons for playing. Although there continue to be attempts to alter the game mode by the addition and replacement of the throws and rules of the game, the game proudly retains its old and original nature. While holding on to that, it gives room to be played to achieve other purposes as long as its forms, procedures, interpretations, and calculations are retained.

Modified For Drinking

The Rock Paper Scissors game can be modified to include other fun activities. Especially in social gatherings and events, the game is crowd-friendly, and that makes it more fun. The drinking modification of the game does not alter the true nature of the game. It only adds to the reasons why the game is being played. The primary purpose of playing the RPS game is to win the opponent. However, in the RPS drinking game, the aim is not only to win. There is an added task that is required to be carried out.

In the RPS drinking game, the players play following the regular rules of the Rock Paper Scissors game. When the call is made, and both players extend their throws, the loser is required to drink, and the winner does not have to. The additional purpose of the RPS drinking game is to punish the loser by compelling him to drink. Usually, the drink is often alcoholic, and that puts a frequent loss at risk of getting drunk. Friends often play this drinking game at bars and parties. As you can see, it is not only about winning the rounds. It adds more fun.

Anybody can play the Rock Paper Scissors game drinking game as long as they are of legal age and can withstand alcohol. For someone who is yet to master the game’s techniques and strategies, he may consider not playing against a more experienced person unless he is planning to get dead drunk anyways.  In essence, the drinking task is one of the exciting ways to engage the Rock Paper Scissors game. It is interesting to watch and thrilling to participate.

RPS Can Be A Problem-Solving Game

One of the essential things one should note about the Rock Paper Scissors game is the reality that the game is has a problem-solving side to it. It does not mean that the game can be played in order to crack a code, solve and algorithm, or answer a history question. Instead, it is played in order to make a decision between two extremes. For instance, if there are options A and B, the game can be played in order to decide which option to go for. Consider the scenario between a group of friends who had a night out at the bar. RPS can be played to figure who will foot the bill. It is all about the agreement between friends. If they agree to use RPS to solve their problem, it will definitely work. RPS is a game with a purpose. You do not only get to try your skills but also enjoy the thrills of winning. RPS game can make you stand for something.

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