10 psychological hacks

There are times when you wish that everything you feel like becomes true. Though this is not easy, achieving everything that you want is sometimes very difficult. Often you wish for some kind of a magic trick in order to fulfill your every desire. Here are the ten psychological hacks that will give you anything you want from making your kids eat veggies, to know who is stalking you and also the most important part winning rock paper scissors.

1. Want your friend to hold your bags?

If you want your partner to hold the bags for you, the fun thing you can do is handover him the bags while you are talking to him. He will soon hold the bags without even realizing.

2. Want to know who is watching you?

If you want to know that who is watching you in your environment then fake a yawn, since yawning is contagious. Yawn towards their direction if they yawn too it means they had their eyes on you.

3. Want your kids to eat veggies?

A wiser option is to ask your kids that how many pieces of broccoli or other greens they would like either 3 or 5. You are giving them an option and they feel better by making a choice among those.

4. Want to get rid of that song stuck in your mind?

It feels like hell when a specific track keeps on going in your mind. Zeigarnik effect helps you to forget the song by thinking about the end of it. Hearing the end will conclude the memory and remove it from your head.

5. Want people to listen to you carefully?

A simple thing can make people take you seriously by just adding the statement “my father taught me”. People hear fatherly advice more carefully.

6. Want to make lasting impressions?

Try this thing and people will love you whenever you offer a handshake, first warm your hands. This feels like more welcoming and approachable.

7. Want your friend to spill that beans?

If you are trying to have a conversation with your friend but he doesn’t open up, try this trick. First, ask him a question and if he responds only partially then stay quiet and maintain eye contact with him. Your friend will be in an awkward situation which will make him spill the beans and fill the silence.

8. Want to find your way in the crowd?

You must keep your eyes on the destination while travelling. Other people watch people’s eyes to help them move in their direction.

9. Want people to agree with you?

While asking a question slightly nod your head. This trick is known as mirroring and it makes people agree with you when they get positive signals.

10. Want to win at rock, paper, scissors?

The most important part of all. This trick is used by magicians and it is said that after saying rock, paper, scissors when you ask a question the opponent will show scissors most probably. So, make sure the gesture you want your opponent to play is the last thing they hear, and you will more then likely win your next match of rock paper scissors.

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