Lizard Spock.

The variation of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock is one of the five-throw variants of the Rock Paper Scissors game. This is because it includes five throws (or hand gestures) instead of the regular three throws. This RPS variation is quite popular among RPS players due to its interesting calculations. However, this variant is usually played in an informal and unregulated environment as the RPS authorities do not accept the modifications that have been made.

The Lizard hand gesture is thrown when the fingers are used to make a pointed nose and to point toward the opponent while the thumb is placed beneath the fingers. This is making the “Sock Puppet” hand gesture. In making the Spock hand gesture, the palm is vertically placed and facing the opponent while making a wide gap between the middle and ring fingers. This gesture is also referred to as the “live long and prosper” hand gesture.

In any regulated Rock Paper Scissors tournament, these two additional throws are considered illegal moves. They could lead to punishment ranging from a rethrow, point loss, and disqualification from the match as the case may be. So you can only find this variant among players who are just having fun with the game and would love to play a modified version of the game.

Existing Interpretations

In understanding the new Rock Paper Scissors Lizard and Spock variation of the game, the original game’s analysis should be exposed. That is, we must first state clearly the interpretations of the old order of the game before trying to interpret any other additional modification. This is to ensure that there is clarity in the differences that occur between playing the original Rock Paper Scissors game and playing the game with the inclusion of Lizard and Spock. In the same way, it will make the reader understands the relationship that exists between the five throws compared to the trinity connection between the original RPS game. This is not to lay any comparison between the RPS game and this new variant. Instead, it is to show how the old nature of the game has been altered and how the relationship has become more complex.

In the original interpretation of the Rock Paper Scissors game, there are only three throws; Rock, Paper, and Scissors. The three have a trinity relationship. Rock is formed by a closed fist. Paper is formed by a flat palm. Scissors is formed by making the “V” hand sign facing the opponent. By the interpretations, one is a master of one and a slave to the second. The circle operates in the form of dominance and risk, and nothing more. Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, and Paper beats Rock. This is the natural form of the Rock Paper Scissors game. If there is any addition, substitution, or removal of any of these three elements, then that will cause the nature and process of the game to be altered, as seen with the inclusion of Lizard and Spock. So what changes do the new elements bring?

New Game Complexities

Almost, if not everyone, that understands the game of Rock Paper Scissors will agree to its complex nature. The first complexity is the understanding that there are three moves or throws in the game, then the knowledge of the throws’ interpretations and calculations.  What follows is mastering the entire game itself. A person who has not taken their time to master the game, as well as their opponent, will fall under luck for lack of skill. For instance, consider the mastery of the hand throws in the heat of the game while also trying to study the moves and strategy of the opponent. If the game possesses such complexities in its original form, how much more complex would it become with the inclusion of additional elements?

The addition of Lizard and Spock has changed the face of the entire game and therefore added to its complexities. There are now five throws instead of three. Compared to the trinity connection that the RPS game is initially characterized by, this makes the relationship even more difficult to figure out and interpret. With the presence of five elements, how then, does the game interpret the throws extended by the players while also following the purpose of the game? The game’s purpose is to make one a hunter of one throw while being hunted by the second. But with five throws, how does the game maintain its circular relationship?

There is no doubt that those who modified the Rock Paper Scissors game to include Lizard and Spock have found a fitting interpretation and connection that sustains the game mode. The five-throw RPS variant is well calculated, and there does not seem to be any strong objection against the calculations of the five throws. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the RPS authorities are yet to reach a consensus on whether Lizard and Spock should be recognized in the RPS tournament as part of the throws. So it still stands that Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock modification is unaccepted.

The Five-Throw Relationship

Now, each of the five throws in the variant RPSLP game has separate, distinct features. First is the hand gesture that is used to represent each. Second is the interpretation of the gesture in the relationship with the other throws. In a simple term, a throw in this five-throw variant is calculated to be able to beat two other throws while falling at the mercy of the other two throws. That is, instead of the two connections that one throw has in the original RPS game, the throws in this variant have four connections each. In addition to the already existing calculations of the Rock Paper Scissors game, the following have been added as a result of the inclusion of Lizard and Spock.

  • Lizard poisons Spock and eats Paper but is killed by Rock and mutilated by Scissors.
  • Spock smashes Scissors and removes Rock but is beaten by Paper and consumed by Lizard.

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