Rock-paper-scissors is a hand game that appears relatively simple and mostly based on luck. But, the truth is that this game is all about making strategies and anticipating the move of the opponent. Although some play it to kill time and chase boredom, rock-paper-scissors is actually about making strategies. What choice will you make to be one step ahead of your opponent? You see, the rules of this game are simple and obvious. Rock breaks scissors, paper covers rock, and scissors cuts paper, so, based on these statements you either win or lose the game. Having these in mind, is it really necessary the presences of a wildcard? Or, more precisely, how did such a move appear in a game that dates back to the 18th century?

The game rock-paper-scissors has straightforward rules when it comes to playing, as the whole idea behind it is to trigger the brain’s ability to come up with a winning strategy. Even if you lost the first round, you still have time to win the battle, if you manage to anticipate the next move of your opponent. Thus, the presence of a wildcard move really makes no sense. It changes the way the game unrolls and ruins its fundamentals, making it boring and destroying the desire to seek the winning strategy. Adding a wildcard move is like attaching a fifth wheel to a carriage. This decision is not improving it, impairing it rather than taking the game to another level. When using a wildcard, it is like putting the game on hold, as the outcome of a round does not provide the answer players look for. What should you choose next, how will you change your tactics, when the opponent goes for the wildcard?

If you ever heard about using such a move when playing rock-paper-scissors, do know that it is something that was introduced in our modern times, as this kind of move did not exist in the origins of the game. A person that plays the game in a traditional manner for a while will realize that a wildcard move has no place within this game, as it doesn’t make sense and does not make the game more interesting. The wildcard move is like a sleeping pill for our brain. Why bother looking for a solution when we have this quick route to winning? And rock-paper-scissors is not about ending the game faster, as it is about the excitement of combining moves with the purpose of exceeding the thinking process of your opponent.

In other words, this simple game does not need modern enhancements, which ruin its charm and make it stray from its primary principles. While it is true that some things are better improved, some are better lefts as they are, in the traditional form in which they were created, even if this means a few centuries ago.

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