BTS are Official Rock Paper Scissors Ambassadors.

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys is a seven-member South Korean Boy Band. Not only are they World Class Artists and Performers, but they are tremendous Athletes too. This is because they are some of the best Rock Paper Scissors Players in the World!!

We are Very Proud to Honour these Gentlemen with our very highest honour,

Ambassadors to the Sport of Rock Paper Scissors

The Bangtan Boys are also famously known as the BTS are seven-member of a South Korean boy band. These seven BTS boys are not only the world’s best artists BUT also official ambassadors of the rock paper scissors game. They are known as remarkable athletes.

Rock paper scissors is a well-known game around the world and refers to the game where rock wins against scissors, paper wins against rock and scissors wins against paper.

Around the world, the fandom of BTS has no boundaries and they always get paid close attention. One this that always makes their fan curious is how and why they play Rock, Paper, and Scissors. Whenever the group is deciding upon a special decision, they decide it by playing this game and more interestingly they play it all together.  For them, it can be said that this is a mass game where RM, V, Jimin,  Suga, Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook play it together.  Usually rock, paper, and scissors is a game of two players and the rules of the game can be a little complicated at first when it is played by a group of seven. To the people, it may look confusing but the boys are well versed with it and follow the same rules only the players keep selecting until only two gestures are shown.

Benefits of playing Rock Paper Scissors to BTS

It is a game that is played to satisfy the player’s curiosity and to find out how their intelligence works by playing against each other. One of the biggest benefits of playing the rock-paper-scissors is it defines the level of someone’s intelligence.  When this game is played the players learn to identify patterns of other player’s behavior by examining their decision strategies and can also predict their future behavior.

While playing this game the BTS group members over time can learn their group member’s behavioral characteristics to understand them in a better way.  As this game is played by following the same rules it allows the BTS members to make better pairs with each other and this can eventually make their stage performance better.

How the members of BTS play Rock Paper Scissors at the same time

Every one of us knows the basic rules of playing this game (scissors beats paper, paper beats rock and the rock beats scissors).  When BTS throws a gesture, the first thing they do is play it with full attention as to make sure no one changes its gesture at the last minute. And when the whole group plays the game and if all three gestures are the same, they play it again. Such as if Jin, Hobi, and Suga throws paper and Jungkook, Jinmin and RM throw a rock and V throws scissors, as all gestures are there, they keep on playing it.

But when there are only two gestures are showing by all members, the player with the higher number of gestures stays in the game, and others are eliminated. Such as when Jin, RM, and Suga throws a rock, whereas Hobi, Jungkook, V, and Jimin throw paper, the rock beats paper, the first group will be eliminated from the game and leave its circle.

This game continues until there are only two members left from the seven members and then the traditional game begins with two people only. After this one wins and the other loses. Sometimes, the members also play this game by splitting their group of seven into small groups and winners from each group compete at the end against each other.  Honestly speaking, this game is wonderful and full of curiosity. That is why BTS never loses any chance of playing it.

Before each performance, BTS plays a round of rock paper scissors to decide who would do freestyle at the end of their next performance.  And the freestyle is done by the loser that is not successful at the end of the game. Even though we consider the BTS army the world’s best dancers on the earth, they still do not want themselves to put on the spot.

The rock paper scissors game is loved by the BTS and is handy to play. You can also play it with your friends while making any decision and in the family too. So, now we have also made it easy for you “How to play rock, paper, and scissors in a group and take your decisions”. Now, just grab your friends and start playing it!

Here are some videos of BTS playing Rock Paper Scissors against each other and also against their fans. They truly are Incredible!!

What is your favourite BTS Rock Paper Scissors Moment? Have you ever played against them and won?

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