The popular Korean boy band BTS is known for their impressive musical talent and energetic performances, but did you know that they also use a simple game of Rock Paper Scissors to make important decisions?

In a recent interview, BTS revealed that they often turn to Rock Paper Scissors when faced with difficult decisions, such as choosing the order of songs on their albums or deciding which member will take on a specific role in a music video.

“We use Rock Paper Scissors for almost everything,” says BTS member Jimin. “It’s a fun and fair way for us to make decisions as a group.”

Not only is this method efficient and fair, but it also adds a fun and playful element to their decision-making process.

“Playing Rock Paper Scissors always brings a smile to our faces, even in the most serious situations,” adds BTS member J-Hope.

But the members of BTS are no strangers to Rock Paper Scissors – they have been playing the game since they were young children and have even incorporated it into their performances.

In their hit song “War of Hormone,” BTS can be seen playing Rock Paper Scissors on stage, showcasing their impressive coordination and playful personalities.

“We love performing ‘War of Hormone’ because it always gets the audience involved and they love playing Rock Paper Scissors with us,” says BTS member V.

Overall, Rock Paper Scissors may seem like a simple and childish game, but for BTS, it is a reliable and fun way to make important decisions as a group.

By incorporating Rock Paper Scissors into their decision-making process, BTS continues to prove that they are not only talented musicians, but also smart and innovative in their approach to problem-solving.

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