Illegal Rock Paper Scissors Moves.

There is no doubt that the RPS system continues to fight off attempts to improve the game by bringing in fourth and fifth throws into the game’s regulated trinity nature. According to many, the simple truth is that trying to add to the complexity of the game by the intrusion of other elements is unnecessary, and such an attempt should be treated as trash. Another thing worthy of note is that the reasons for the attempts are yet to win over the unbending resolution to preserve the game’s trinity nature for future generations.

New moves continue to appear. Notably, some game creators, in a bid to improve the game, often add, replace, or expand the throws, thereby negating the uniqueness of the game and its generally accepted process. These new moves are usually unbalanced and ridiculous, making it necessary to place restrictions on their use. In this article, we will consider some illegal rock paper scissors moves in the RPS game.


Although the Dynamite move in rock paper scissors is not absolutely illegal, however, its use has been subject to rigorous debate and questions over the years. One of the basics of the debate is the experienced difficulty regarding the outcome should Dynamite meet Paper. In all these debates regarding the possible outcome between Dynamite and Paper, two arguments have surfaced to be leading the others. One is that in such a meeting, “Paper snuffs out wick,” The other is that “Wick burns through Paper.”

The fact is that the RPS Steering Committee is yet to rule on the issue. As a result, it has continued to subsist for over thirty years. One thing is sure, though, should the Dynamite/Paper issue be visited and a decision is reached, it would be massive. The decision will alter everything, including the dynamics of the game. Above all this, there is there supposed illogicality presumed to be present in the inclusion of Dynamite or other four-throw deviation into the game.

To see this from another perspective, the inclusion of Dynamite will also present a purely statistical issue. For instance, its inclusion and use of this element will alter the nature of other elements as it makes Scissors win more than it loses, and Rock loses more than it wins. Due to these unresolved issues surrounding the use of Dynamite, the World RPS Society is yet to condone its use in professional matches.

Devil and God hand gestures


Devil hand gesture: Folding the middle and ring fingers while raising the index and pinky fingers to point up. The thumb is raised sideward.

God hand gesture: Extending the full-arm upward toward heaven. The palm is opened.

The devil and god throws were formerly used in heavy-metal shows. However, the years, the two gestures have found their ways into the RPS professional environment. The devil throw is often considered a part of a five-throw system that is usually accompanied by another mythical throw known as the God throw. The conceptions behind these two throws can be easily understood. Legend has it that the devil throw was formed in order to serve as a defense against the God throw, since God throw is confirmed to beat Rock, Paper, and Scissors.

One interesting fact about God throw is that it is a restricted throw and a one-time move. Thus, a player only has access to use the throw once in his lifetime.

In essence, the devil and God throws are not so much of acceptable throws in RPS matches. This may be due to the fact that there has not been any generally accepted conclusion about who wins between the devil and God. We can embrace what theology says to form a pathway to a decision. Nonetheless, the throws are yet to be validated.


Lightning hand gesture: Extending the index finger and pointing it downwards.

According to the history books, the lightning throw is named after a spectacular lightning strikes that were witnessed during the 1944 RPS Regionals at the Cathedral Peak Resort in the Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa.

The lightning throw is considered to be part of a four-throw system. Although, discoveries are made to point out that the World RPS Society has been able to make many references to Lightning. However, we are yet to fully understand how the three relates to the RPS game since the Society has not made any effort to connect the dots or raise useful clues regarding it.

The Lightning throw works more like Dynamite. For instance, it creates a somewhat unbalanced situation that ensures one throw often wins more than it loses or loses more than it wins.

Fire and Water

Fire hand gesture: Pointing the fingers and thumb upward and flickering them like a flame.

Water hand gesture: Palm flat and facing upward and making the fingers wiggles like waves.

These moves are considered to be like the Devil, and God throws and are thus considered similarly useless. The fire and water throws are part of a five-throw system but pointless as they are also met with the same logic inconsistency. For instance, Fire, being at a sufficient temperature, will consume Paper, melt the Rock and Scissors, and will be helpless against Water. In the same vein, Water will wet Paper, sinks Rocks, and rusts Scissors. So Water is explained to be an unmatched throw killing off any other move. If this is the case and accepted in RPS matches, the mere Water move will be final, destroying any attempt to make any other move.

The Bird

The bird hand gesture: The fist is closed, but the middle finger is extended upward.

The Bird is primarily considered to appear in response to a bitter loss. Therefore, the move is not supposed to an additional throw in RPS games. To put it simply, the use of the Bird throw in RPS a match is essentially used to describe the loss of a minimum of one point. When the move is exhibited, the most common response by the recipient is to deliver a series of Rocks rapidly.

The Well

The Well hand gesture: The hand is held with the palm facing up, the fingers are slightly spread apart and pointing upward.

This throw is yet to be agreed upon by the Theoretical Throws Bureau. However, the argument for the adoption of this throw bothers finding a solution to how Paper beats Rock. The supporters believe that Paper would float on the water in the Well, and Scissors will sink in the Well. However, a counter-argument seems to be more agreeable. The Theoretical Throws Bureau has raised the possibility of having dry wells and/or the possibility of having insufficient water in it. The truth even is that massive worldwide protests would erupt should the authorities make consideration of replacing the popular Rock with another element.

Texas Longhorn

Texas Longhorn gesture: The index, middle, and ring fingers are curled inward while the pinky and thumb are raised widely apart. Another name for Texas Longhorn move is the Mushroom Cloud. Those who support the idea that the throw should be included have submitted their petitions agitating that the game should be renamed RPS&M. M is depicting Mushroom.

The Longhorn gesture is to depict the picture of a bull’s horns. The move is most common in the Southwest region. The move is part of a four-throw system, and like its counterparts, it is unmatched. In its conception, there does not seem to be anything like it, or that will beat it. This has made many conclude that it is unnecessary to make any further move or throw since there is no restriction on the use of the Texas Longhorn move. Like other fourth throws, it turns the match into a one-throw game.

Spock and Lizard

Spock hand gesture: The palm is vertically placed and facing the opponent while making a wide gap between the middle and ring fingers. The gesture is also known as the “live long and prosper” hand gesture.

Lizard hand gesture: This is like making the “Sock Puppet” hand gesture. The fingers are closely-placed together and pointing toward the opponent while the thumb is placed underneath the fingers.

There have been some developments in the RPS industry, particularly in five-throw games, and Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard is unarguably one of them. Although the inclusion has maintained the game’s internal symmetry to be playable, its complexity, however, calls for concern. Due to this, the World RPS Society continues to ban its use. The element of Spock still fits into the game as it reflects the game’s logical nature. However, Lizard, on the other hand, has not found much relevance.

Consider the following definitions in the case that Spock and Lizard are included:

  • Spock vaporizes Rock and crushes Scissors.
  • Lizard poisons Spock and disproved by Paper.
  • Rock crushes Lizard and killed by Scissors.
  • Lizard poisons Spock and eats Paper.

It is so that the inclusion of these moves may be accepted by those who are yet to be pros in the game. However, in any serious RPS tournament, the mere display of the Vulcan sign of peace and prosperity may attract outright ejection from the venue.

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