Rock Paper Scissors Costumes.

The Rock Paper Scissors Costume is one of the best 3 person group costumes! These are the very best rock paper scissors DIY costumes that we found. You are in the right spot if you need some inspiration for a Rock Paper Scissors Halloween Costume.

One thing we will mention in the beginning is this in not a last minute costume. This is a DIY costume, oftentimes that means the more time you spend on it the better it looks. The first step is to select two friends to help turn yourself into the beautiful childhood sought after Rock Paper Scissors game you everyone loves to play. It is important to try to get these friends to also help you make the costumes, many hands make light work. Also, if you want to save time, here are adult and children’s rock paper scissors costumes that you can buy. That way you can save time and spend more time practicing playing Rock Paper Scissors Online.

Adult Rock Paper Scissors Costume

Kids Rock Paper Scissors Costume

How to make a Rock Paper Scissors Costume?

The Rock Costume

What will cost us the most right here is making the stone, not because it’s more difficult, but because you have to paint the foam and let it dry! So let’s get with it. You can find this material in mattresses or upholstery; they have several thicknesses, I chose it about 7 cm. We need two pieces, the front and the back (50×50 cm).

  • Two pieces of foam rubber
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Black rubber
  • To have a more stone look, with a pair of scissors, we will cut the sides irregularly. They would look something very great and remain in required shape:
  • Touch paint, again I remind you, that this must be done in a well-ventilated place and cover the surface on which it is going to be painted. Well first we will cover, with a light gray spray, the entire surface of the foam rubber, we will need a couple of cans. When it has dried, we will give a few touches of paint, with a slightly darker gray, to make it look more irregular.
  • As you can see in the previous point, you have to make some cuts, equal and parallel, in the two pieces. (Here we will put the rubber with which we will hold the disguise).

The Scissors Costume

  • Gray red eva rubber
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • We go with the scissors, to make them we need Eva rubber, two sheets of red color or the one you like the most (for the handle of the scissors) and two others in gray (for the metal part). The best thing is that you make a drawing with the shape of the scissors and then pass it to the rubber Eva. To join the parties, we will use glue.
  • We also need two pieces, the back and the front (we will go inside) so we stick or sew the pieces by the ends of the same side, we will put it as if we were wearing a band. You will see it better in google engine as you search for its photo; you have to apply glue on the parts as to glue it together.

The Paper Costume

  • Rubber Eva banking
  • Felt pens
  • Rubber or black cord
  • This is the simplest disguise, the paper. With some markers, we will make it look like a notebook sheet, blue horizontal lines, a red vertical line and three black circles, also on the left. We join the front and back by the shoulders, with a cord, I recommend joining them also by the sides so that the wind does not take it.

An Important thing to know when wearing the Paper costume is the real reason why Paper beats Rock, that way to can sound as great as you look.


The most difficult part concerning this very costume is determining what one of the gestures you get to wear as well or which friends you will make the costume with. A simple solution would be to play against each other in a game of rock paper scissors. Make sure to check out the different rock paper scissors strategies or pick up your copy of the Rock Paper Scissors Handbook in order to try to get the costume you want to wear. Who knows this extra practice choosing costumes could help you become a Rock Paper Scissors World Champion. If you also can’t find any friends to dress up with you should consider dressing up as the Count of Roshambeau, although if you do I hope you lose every game.

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