How to Play Rock Paper Scissors with More than Two Players.

We all know many decisions need to be made within a group of 2 or more, Some people think at this point rock paper scissors is no longer useful. That is not the case, if you need to settle a dispute with a more than one opponent you might not think you have the time to play a tournament and if you did how would players be seeded, and although it would be fun, but who has time for a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament every day.

If you want to play Rock Paper Scissors with a group of 2 or more people it is very simple, everyone in the group plays a gesture and if all 3 gestures are showing everyone plays again. If only 2 gestures are showing the players showing the greater gesture stay the other leave the circle. This continues until the traditional game or there is only 1. Sometimes in larger groups, it can take too much time to have only 2 gestures showing in this case you might want to split your group into two or more smaller groups. Once a winner is decided for each group then the winners face off.

Have you ever played rock paper scissors in a group? If so how did it turn out?

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