If you want a great game that builds teamwork, individual skills, encourages participation and is more active then the original version of rock paper scissors? Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors is an amazing game that everyone loves to play! If you want to mix things up, even more, you could have opponents play Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock. Although that is not recommended because Rock Paper Scissors in its original form is the perfect game!

The video above is the first ever video of Rock Paper Scissors Hoop Hop Showdown. The new variation of RPS that uses hula hoops and was created by Eric Branch. It is a form of a rock paper scissors relay that allows competitors to be active while also competing the best way, with RPS. Eric Branch is a P.E. teacher at Lowell Elementry and on August 9th he let the world in on his genius and we thank him for it!

This great rock paper scissors variation is incredibly easy to play.


    • Take hula hoops and place them in a path along the floor, curves are recommended.
    • Split players into teams of 2. Each team lines up at opposing ends of the hula hoops.

How to Play:

On Go, competitors hop from one hula hoop to the next until they meet each other. Competitors then battle in the most intense part of the game, a Rock Paper Scissors match where the winner continues on their path and the loser falls off the path and goes back to their team’s line. It is tough to claim a victory in this game because as you get closer you need to get on a winning streak against multiple opponents! Make sure to start hopping quickly after each win, because your competitor’s team will keep sending a new competitor as fast as possible to slow you down and prevent you from crossing the line.

This game is a simple and unique variation of Rock Paper Scissors and is a great twist on the greatest game ever created. In the first week since Eric Branch posted the video on Facebook it was viewed over 13 million times and now is played across the world. Eric also created this game just in time for Back to School for a lot of children. We think this game will end up being the game of the year in schoolyards across the globe!

There is no need to make the path longer to add to the fun, the best way is to split up the hula hoops into multiple paths so multiple teams play at the same time. This will help lead to more participation and more rock throws because as people get tired they tend to want to conserve their energy and end up playing the easiest gesture to play, rock. Make sure to have a strategy or a gambit in mind when competing in order to help propel your team to victory!

Here are some more videos of Hula Hoop Rock Paper Scissors Hoop Hop Showdown.

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