How to use Amazon Alexa to Play Rock Paper Scissors.

Amazon Alexa thinks she can beat you at Rock Paper Scissors!

Twenty or 25 years ago, talking about an intelligent house for many would have been unthinkable; But not for the creators of The Amazon Echo and Alexa, the Amazon device that allows you to control a home using the voice! In 2001 Apple surprised the world with the integration and popularization of Siri, the first voice assistant of a smartphone: a tool that fulfilled basic functions such as searches, reminders, alarms, and messages. Today this same type of tool allows controlling much wider functions, considering important aspects of a home and our day today.

Amazon launched Amazon Echo in 2014 to expand its incipient market of proprietary technology devices, preceded by the different versions of the successful digital reader, Kindle. At that time some experts of the digital world – like Gizmodo – considered that this device was one of the voice assistants that we would probably never use; however, time seems not to have given the reason.

Recently, Amazon Echo and Alexa have achieved good sales figures, which add to their appointment as the most impressive technology. Its functionality could be summarized as a voice-activated by computers through artificial intelligence, which allows answering questions or executing certain functions through commands to achieve an intelligent house.

According to its official website, Alexa currently works with devices which include lights, watches, as well as thermostats. Some of these devices work directly with Alexa, the Amazon Echo voice; others instead require an external device that is compatible.

Some Amazing Things You Can Do With Amazon Echo

Make Phone Calls – Editor’s note: It was discovered that this call feature allows anyone with their phone number to call them through the Amazon Echo device. Currently, there is no way to block, delete or silence individual contacts. The best solution for this is to call Amazon customer service and deactivate the feature. We hope Amazon has a solution to this problem.

Alexa can now be used to make calls to other Alexa devices in other homes. And it works, as the answering machines of the 90s, even you can leave a message.

You Can Control Your Smart Home – With the Amazon Echo gadget, you can control appliances, switches, lights, the door locks and some other smart devices for your home. Control your light. You could even ask the Alexa tо turn the lights on or perhaps off for you. You can even ask the Alexa to alter the color if perhaps your lights are of changing color.

You can open or maybe close the garage door or a door with an intelligent lock in your home. You can ask to adjust the warmth of your house. You can do it this way, hello Alexa, you want to set the temperature to 60. The great Honeywell panel, also the Nest, and even Ecobee are a few thermostats that work well with Alexa out there.

You Can Ask For Ideas And Advice – No, Alexa can not (actually) still cook for you, but it certainly makes cooking easier and less stressful.
You can ask the Alexa questions, for example. Alexa, what is the number of tablespoons in a quarter cup of water? And many other things!
You can play music. Example, Hello Alexa, please play a smooth jazz.

You can control your stove. If you are steaming, you could ask the Alexa to adjust the temperature.

You can control a timer. With Alexa, you can configure several timers and ask for the remaining time.

Receive The News – While preparing for work or coming home after a long day, Alexa lets her know what is happening in the world. This is called Flash Briefing and can be customized to include the news sources you want.

Entertain Your Children For Hours – Actually, you’ll let your kids be entertained. Alexa іѕ full оf gаmеѕ, ѕіllу аnѕwеrѕ tо silly quеѕtіоnѕ as well as much more!

Play the gаmеѕ Thе Amаzоn Eсhо is full оf gаmеѕ. Play music Children can quickly learn how to talk with Alexa and how to ask for their favorite music and ask for random curiosities. Ask for more information about something

There are so many skills in Alexa; in fact, Amazon did something called a skills search engine, which can be used to find Skills. Just say, Alexa, open Skill Finder or Alexa, look for Skills to give me the information of the day.

Get Fit – While you will not be able to take the Alexa gadget to the gym, you will be able to get all the information on fitness and proper guidance. Make sure you have your Fitbit. Once you synchronize your Fitbit with Alexa, there are many things you can ask for, such as Alexa, ask Fitbit how I am doing today.

You will be able to ask for nutritional information. Alexa, how many calories does a banana have? You will be able to train. You can enable training skills in 7 minutes, just say, “Alexa, start 7 minutes of training.

Control Your TV – With Alexa, you can control the whole TV via voice. The installation takes a little time (and money), but once you have set it up, you can say things like:
Alexa, turn on the TV
Alexa, turn on Netflix
Alexa, take a break

Employing Spotify To Play Your Own Music – Alexa plays the music via Amazon Music by default, simplt because it’s obviously an Amazon service. But if perhaps you make use of the Spotify, you could alter this very setting so that Alexa will be using Spotify being your very own default player.
Alexa Train To Do Practically Anything – Alexa cannot talk to all the devices or website, many companies have not yet caught up with Alexa. Similarly, not all the features of the devices support Alexa. However, there is a solution that allows you to connect to devices that are not compatible with Alexa. This is called IFTTT.

For instance, you could employ IFTTT to create a rule that changes the color bulbs ‘ when the timer is too high. This is not a thing that could be asked of Alexa – you have to program it through IFTTT. With the IFTTT manual, it’s so straightforward to use amazon Alexa without much hassle.
Play Rock Paper Scissors – Alexa can also do what we consider the most important feature. Alexa can Play Rock Paper Scissors!

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