Fair Game?

The question of whether the Rock Paper Scissors is fair game or not should be based on the experience of the individual who has participated in the event. If we consider truly the setup of the game, we will understand that the game is not about fairness. The effectiveness of one’s intuition, skills, risk-taking ability, and professionalism are those qualities that permeate the game. Therefore, the fairness of the game should not be considered from the point of view of whether a participant loses or wins according to calculations. This is to simply assert that in every competition, like the once present in the RPS game, there is a winner and a loser. However, if there is an inequity issue, it should only be treated by considering other external influences in the game.

Nothing is fair in love and war, and like the RPS game, the participants do not consider the kind of relationship they have outside the game. At the point of playing, each player is working for himself alone. Nothing else matters. This is because every competition eventually creates positions, the victor, and the vanquished. It is by playing and winning the game that you can only establish your superiority over your opponent. Many criticisms have been leveled against the RPS game. These criticisms cut across the nature of rules guiding the game, the playing as well as the interpretation of the throws. One of the criticisms bothers on whether the game can be played fairly and squarely between participants.

Like we said earlier, the game can never be unfair in the area of playing. One, the participants are well brushed up as to the throws accepted in the game. The RPS authorities have prohibited a few illegal throws, thereby protecting the pure nature of the game. Two, there cannot be inequality between the participants since their eligibility status must have been verified. Therefore, any form of unfairness may creep in from the hands of the game coordinator or referee. Even, due to the regulations and code of conduct of the game, it is difficult for the referee to exhibit prejudicial behavior against a participant during the match. However, we cannot totally rule out the thin possibility of the referee siding one player against the player. We can only trust that the authorities will take measures that prevent unfairness.

Know There Are Rules

One of the very first things you should know about the RPS game is that some rules and regulations guide the game and every match. These rules will include the eligibility requirements, code of conduct, legal and illegal throws, throws interpretations, and particularly instructions every participant must follow before and during the match. The general belief is that failure to adhere to these rules or flouting of one of them will result in outright disqualification, suspension, or other mild punishment in some cases.  Essentially, like every other game or sport, the RPS game has its own rules, too, and these rules are peculiar to the game.

It should be noted that the game can be played in an informal or unregulated manner, for instance, by school kids or brothers in the house. This means the unregulated nature of the game may be an avenue to break some rules. For example, the players may agree to add some illegal throws into the game. We are trying to say that although there are rules, these rules can be modified to suit the players’ interests in the case where the game is played in an informal way like the one we just explained. For tournaments that are usually regulated and well planned, the rules and instructions are firmly established so that the players and every other person involved, from the referee and the spectators, know the dos and don’ts.

Therefore, every person interested in the game needs to learn the rules and understand them. Particularly for a player that wants to master the game. One of the first things to do is to learn the rules so you can avoid breaking them or being cheated. For instance, there have been cases where an opponent would make an illegal throw in order to confuse the other player. If the player does not understand the throw or question its interpretation, he may end up losing the match for lack of knowledge.

The Game Can Be Really Tricky

One of the things about the RPS game that you should know right from the start is that it can be tricky. Some complexities surround the game. And the truth is that only a person who has taken his time to learn the ropes can master the game. If you do not understand certain principles of the game, you may find it challenging to find your way through. One fact can be deduced by studying the experience of many players. The game has a structure that can be difficult to understand or use to your own advantage if you do not take the time to figure them out.

Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why it is usually advisable not to depend too much on understanding the basics of the game. Of course, having knowledge of the foundational basics of the game is indeed crucial for a beginner. However, there is a limited level at which you will be able to operate if you only stick with the basics. For instance, consider some other factors that are involved in the mastery of the game. Factors like sharp senses, guts, dexterity, alertness, etc. In essence, to master the game, you must be ready to improve yourself. If you do not understand the game’s tricky nature, you may end up not enjoying the game as you will be stuck in one phase of improvement.

Players Have Their Strategies

You should not consider any player in an RPS tournament a novice. Every one of them is prepared to a certain extent. Although the level of preparedness may differ, nonetheless, each of them is equipped and well prepared for the game. We can say that every player in a tournament has developed his own unique strategy developed with the possibility of beating his opponent. This strategy contains specially formed throws or a series of throws intended to win the other player in the game. For instance, two of the popular strategy is to make three Rock throws (Rock Rock Rock) and a triple Scissors move (Scissors Scissors Scissors).

If you intend to improve and show mastery of the game, you need to develop your own strategy. This strategy will give you the chance to win the match, but it will also serve as your overall game plan. The truth is that the RPS game is a mind game as much as it involves physical moves. To keep yourself at alert and sensitive during the game, you must develop a strategy that you will follow. This will help you avoid distractions and confusion during the game. It will also help you handle the tricks played by your opponent. Players have strategies, and it is best that as a player, either a beginner or professional, you should have your own strategic moves too. It makes the game generally more comfortable to control that way.

Does Fairness Truly Exist?

Going through all that has been said in this article, you would understand that the RPS game is about how good you are and a bit of luck. Two participants are not the same. They do not possess the same level of skills and experience and may not enjoy the same mastery of the game. That means that the game is not about equality. It is about who is the boss. The game is fair enough to provide an equal ground of winning chances to the players. The same rules and instructions guide both players. The only thing that gives one player the upper hand is intuition, skills, fearlessness, and luck.

Practice Breeds Perfection

If you are interested in the RPS game, you should be less concerned about whether it is fair or not. RPS is true to itself and the participants. You have the chance to display your wits as much as your opponent enjoys the same right. If you want to win over your opponent, then you have to become better. You have to be better with yourself and with luck. The first is to ensure that you practice. Build winning strategies and hope that luck falls on your side.

Those that win the game do not care whether the game is fair to them or not. The better question you should ask yourself is, are you hard on the game? If you are soft, you will often be trampled upon by other players. If you are hard, you can get the game under control and outwit and out-luck your opponents. It is not a matter of fairness. Are you ready to take a step beyond?

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