Recently hundreds of referees are at risk of breaching the rules because they have supported David McNamara through their rock, paper, scissors protest. The issue started when the referee was banned for using the game instead of his coin for the toss in the grassroots match this weekend.

The football associated suspended McNamara for three weeks for using rock, paper, scissors as a toss in the Women’s Super League last month.

The only issue was that McNamara forgot his coin in the dressing room and the game was about to start. So, he used the game as a deciding factor hat got him suspended.

There are various referees who have claimed that suspending McNamara was not fair. In the past, there are various other referees who have used the game tossing method and sometimes it was requested by the players. That is why suspending McNamara was not the right thing to do but Rock Paper Scissors referee David McNamara.

Is it against the rules and regulation of game

The biggest question that arises now is that whether the use of coin has been prohibited by the rules or not. In the rules, it has been clearly stated that the toss should be done so the team that wins the toss will be able to decide that from which side they would like to play. However, nowhere in the rules, it has been mentioned that coin is an important element that should be used in the toss. It means that toss can be done using any items available. It is clear that McNamara has not broken any rules.

Who started the controversy

There are various fans of David McNamara who are interested in knowing that who started this entire controversy. In the WSL one on one match, Kirsty Pearce and Steph Houghton were involved but it has not been clarified yet that which one of them complained against McNamara. The match ended on 1-1 and this might be the reason that one of the teams complained to assure that they can get a rematch that might increase their chances of winning.

However, it has been clarified by the co-referee of McNamara that he was under time pressure and the only solution that he had in the spot was to use rock, paper, scissors as the deciding factor because it is the game in which no one can cheat.

However, this action of McNamara was used against him and he has been suspended by the officials. However, the referees are not taking it lightly. They want to let the authorities know that McNamara did nothing wrong because he used a fair tossing method to select the team that will start the game. That is why they are on a protest to assure that the ban from the name of McNamara will be removed and he should be invited back to referee in all the games according to the plan. Everyone is waiting for the decision from authorities.

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