Rock Paper Scissors for a Kiss?

The game of Rock Paper Scissors is one that has been on board for some time and it does not seem like it would die out any time soon. This simple game has been used to settle many things, and we have seen it creeping into the world of romance. One thing time and experience has shown is that there are many things that one can do with a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

However, Rock Paper Scissors happens to carry more than meets the eye. On the first inspection, the game might appear to be simple and even childish, due to its mutable nature and common appeal. In fact, one of its common reputations is that it is based on pure luck and probability. Yet, an inquiring mind would take only a little time to notice that it is far more than that – the game is one that requires dexterity and skill.

In an effort to spice up and update an old game whilst keeping the intensity alive, the younger generation now sometimes add the incentive of a kiss. The winner of any game gets to claim a kiss from the loser. To some, it might seem like little in the way of loss for both parties and the entire exercise may seem a blunder. Yet to some others, it only serves to excite them. Regardless of what ideas people have about it, the trend is fast gaining popularity. And this explains why there are several videos of people engaging in it on YouTube and other platforms. This article examines this relatively new variation of the game, namely Rock Paper Scissors for a Kiss.

How Rock Paper Scissors Kiss Works

There are essentially two ways to play and use Rock Paper Scissors Kiss. Let us consider both of them.

  • Winner kisses the loser

This is the classic Rock Paper Scissors Kiss game. It all begins with a challenge. Whether for fun, the desire to do something different, or for the lack of courage, a person challenges another to a game of Rock Paper Scissors. However, the twist is that he/she lets the other know that if he/she (the challenger) wins, then the loser has to kiss him/her. If the challenge is accepted, then they play the classic Rock Paper Scissors. And the challenger gets the kiss if he/she wins. But if the person does not take on the challenge, well, everyone moves on.

  • Winner takes the girl (or boy)

Here is a somewhat indirect manner of how Rock Paper Scissors Kiss works. The challenge here is not between a boy/girl and his/her person of interest. Rather, it is between two people who are interested in a third person. Teenagers – and even some adults – use this game as a way to settle who gets to kiss a girl or boy if there is an argument between two people who like the same person. One cannot deny the ego that some guys (and even girls) have when it comes to women (or men) and there is usually a tussle. For this not to go overboard, people often opt to use the Rock Paper Scissors game as an option. While no human ought to be a trophy, such as decided by a game, many people still find Rock Paper Scissors Kiss perfect for their wooing purposes.

Perks of Rock Paper Scissors Kiss

Even though Rock Paper Scissors Kiss game is inherently controversial, many continue to enjoy its perks – literally, too. The following advantages are some reasons why some engage in Rock Paper Scissors Kiss.

  • The obvious perks

This could not be more obvious. If you challenge someone to a game of Rock Paper Scissors Kiss and you win, you get the kiss you wanted. And if you get into a duel with someone to settle who gets to kiss your crush and you win, then you get the kiss. At least, you are likely to. In any case, the reward of the kiss at the end of the game is a great motivation for many.

Also, many find a Rock Paper Scissors Kiss challenge easier than a direct request for a kiss. This explains why ordinarily shy people take a preference for the game.

  • Some (lots of) fun

Whether or not it is someone they are close to and whether or not the kiss follows willingly, many find the entire exercise exciting. And so, they play on for the fun.

Cons of Rock Paper Scissors Kiss

This trend has its disadvantages, despite the seemingly awesome pros that come with it. Here are a few:

  • Embarrassment

If you decide to play a game of Rock Paper Scissors to see who gets to kiss the girl or boy, then you should be prepared for whatever follows. You are likely to be embarrassed even if you win but the person whom you intend to kiss turns you down. And it would be worse if it happens in public. So if you and your friend are both interested in someone, talking it out and not Rock Paper Scissors Kiss might be the best option.

  • Bad reputation

This is something that many people who engage in Rock Paper Scissors Kiss do not consider. And even if they do, they often disregard it. Challenging someone you are interested in to a Rock Paper Scissors Kiss game might seem cute but there is a good chance that the person sees you in a bad light. So, you risk the 50% chance of losing your reputation in the eyes of the other person. But of course, this will not be a problem if it is a mutual game between a couple.


The next time you get stuck on something and need to make a decision, remember that Rock Paper Scissors is an option. But then, decision-making is not the game’s only use. If there is a girl you like, you could propose this game, telling her that you get to kiss her if she fails. Some people may say that this is cunny but it is a fun way to get a kiss from a woman you admire. After all, she might even win you at the game and you would not get the kiss. Still, you might lose and get the kiss anyway. Just be sure to consider the next person and weigh the pros against the cons before joining the Rock Paper Scissors Kissers. Overall, try not to be cocky, just go with the flow.

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