Biggest Deals and Bets.

Rock Paper Scissors is a hand game between two people, in which each player instantaneously forms one of three shapes with his hand outstretched. Rock crushes Scissors, which defeats Paper, and Paper covers Rock.

No doubt that since RPS is a game, some people must have gambled on it at one time or the other. Some even go into these bets and made tons of money from these tournaments and gambles. Nonetheless, it is evident that RPS is not a game of chance like roulette. It is actually one of the few games that involve no chance since each player makes an active choice in what they will throw, and one thing humans are terrible at is generating random strings.

Funny enough, some people take this game seriously and make ridiculous bets. In this article, we have carefully compiled the list of the biggest deals and bets ever made since the history of Rock Paper Scissors.

Primeau and Cooper Bet

In 2011, Michel Primeau supposedly beat his former friend, Edmund Mark Cooper, in a high-stakes, double-or-nothing RPS battle to the tone of three hundred and sixty-eight thousand six hundred and twenty-eight dollars. According to court documents presented after the match, Michel made Cooper sign a notarized recognition-of-debt contract that was protected by Cooper’s mortgage.

Edmund claims none of this happened. He nonetheless declared that the agreement he signed was a “mockup,” designed to protect his house from appropriation by Revenu Quebec in connection with the liquidation of Digiscreen, a media company of which Cooper was a director.

To confuse matters some more, Primeau and Cooper were supposedly entwined in a love triangle with Susanna Iwanow. Susanna, at the time, was Cooper’s wife.

Michael Jordan’s Bet

Although some claimed that Jordan’s gambling addiction led to his unexpected NBA retirement. However, even if that misconception has been discredited, there certainly has been no deficiency in the entertaining Michael’s stories have provided over the years. Still, one of the most fantastic examples of Michael Jordan’s big bets is seen in Rock Paper Scissors.

Any debate about the best player in NBA history starts and ends with Michael Jordan. There’s a lot of statistics to back that claim up. Michael led the NBA in scoring for seven successive seasons. He even made the All-Star team every year he played, except for the 1994-95 season, which he was only fit for just seventeen games. Of course, that can be blamed on his failed assault at playing baseball.

Never one to back down from a contest, Jordan became one of the top gamblers in sports history. Although he made millions in his NBA profession, some guessed that his betting addiction led to his sudden 1993 stepping down. The former NBA commissioner David Stern has since put the rumor to rest; nevertheless, it’s just one example of Michael’s well-documented gambling problems.

Definitely, the most hysterical Jordan’s gambling story involves the Rock Paper Scissors game. At one point, former NBA player Jay Williams played about seventy-five games with the Bulls before suffering a career-ending motorcycle accident. Nevertheless, the former Duke star had a chance to share a little about Michael’s past.

According to Jay, Jordan never backed down the chance to gamble on Rock Paper Scissors. And his was not the ordinary low-stakes game that settles whoever shoots first. In the said game, players were expected to bet up to twenty thousand dollars on a single round of games.

He further explained that Michael’s never-back-off policy made him keep playing the game until he was betting as much as a hundred thousand dollars for every game he played.

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