Rock Paper Scissors Variations.

The Rock Paper Scissors game has a long, rich history. As a result, it has met with some changes and development over the years. However, it should be noted that these changes or development have not been accepted on a large scale. Perhaps this is due to the popularity of the game as having only one Rock Paper Scissors Variations. The original procedures, interpretations, and calculations of the Rock Paper Scissors game have been held unto strongly in the face of possible changes or modifications. One of the features that this game proudly and uniquely possesses is the fact that it does not change.

The way people have tried to modify the game is evident is the replacement of the moves of the game or the addition of some other moves. From studies and research carried out on the possibility and outcome of these proposed modifications, it has been discovered that modification of any sort will change the nature of the game in its entirety, thus defeating the purpose of the game. In order to protect the original mode of the game, the authorities of the Rock Paper Scissors game have continued to fight against any proposed changes that may alter the face of the game.

Despite the firm resolve not to allow changes or modifications to the game, some variations of the game still exist till today. Although it should be clear that these variants are not recognized formally, neither are they accepted in RPS tournaments. However, for the sake of learning about the RPS game, we will discuss a few of the game’s variations that have continued to be played outside the radar of the RPS governing authorities.

Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite

This is one of the most popular variations of the RPS game. It has continued to exist despite the large criticisms it receives. Particularly, the addition of Dynamite to the gameplay has been met a lot of rejection as it is considered incompatible with the cycle of trinity relationship the RPS is supposed to uphold. Like we said earlier, the resolution is that any addition or substitution of the throws in the RPS game will alter the face of the game. In arguing against the use of Dynamite (thumbs up gesture) in the game, it has been discovered that there is no generally accepted conclusion as to the relationship between Paper and Dynamite, whether “Paper snuffs out Wick” or “Wick burns through Paper.” As a result, the inclusion and use of Dynamite in tournaments is yet to be agreed upon.

Elimination Variant

This variant of the Rock Paper Scissors game involves multiple players. It is particularly fun for a group of people who want to have a nice playing time. The game is played in a way that allows for the elimination of the losing throws while the winning throws progress. In this RPS game, players come together to form a circle and extend their throws at once after the call. The throws are made simultaneously and calculated upon the exhibition of each player’s hand gesture. Of course, the game is played, following the regular rules of the Rock Paper Scissors game. This goes on and on until only one player is left as the winner. During the match, if the three throws are present at once, there is a circular stalemate, and rethrow is called. One major defect that this variant is that there is a high possibility of having frequent stalemate within a large group of players.

Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard

Another one of the popular five-throw variations of the game. The Spock is represented by the “long live and prosper” hand sign, which is making a gap between the middle and ring fingers while facing the palm toward the opponent. Lizard is represented by making a pointed nose from bringing the fingers together (like the sock puppet hand gesture). This five-throw game, although still unaccepted, is an interesting game. It adds to the complexity of the game but, at the same time, alters its true nature. Following the Rock Paper Scissors’ existing interpretations, Spock beats Scissors and Rock but is beaten by Paper and Lizard. Lizard beats Spock and Paper but is beaten by Rock and Scissors.

Points-Based Rock Paper Scissors

The points-based Rock Paper Scissors game is quite an interesting one. Perhaps it can be said to be more interesting compare to the elimination variant. While the elimination kind of the RPS game involves immediate removal from the game after calculation of throws, the points-based variant is different. In the variant, the throws are made simultaneously, but instead of eliminating the losing throws, points are given based on the interpretations of the throws. In this way, there is an imaginary table set to record the points of each player. The player with the highest points is declared the winner at the end of the game or when a pre-established number of points have been reached.  This is how the game is played: if a group of four players throws two Rocks, one Paper, and one Scissors. The two rock throwers get one point each for beating Scissors. The one Paper thrower gets two points for beating the two Rocks. The one Scissors thrower gets one point for beating the one Paper.

Street RPS

This variant of the RPS game is popular among gamblers. It is a form of gambling usually carried out in the secluded streets, fighting clubs, and downtown clubs. The nature of this variant is such that it includes violence and disregard for rules. The RPS authorities frown against the street RPS as they consider it illegal. The game is characterized by the winner-takes-all mentality, and that means the thrower depends on his every throw. More often than not, the game ends in violence and physical altercations as a result of the presence of gamblers, fighters, drunks, and street urchins in the area. This is not the best place to build a career in RPS and definitely not the ideal place to become a pro.

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