Two Men Settle Traffic Dispute with Rock Paper Scissors.

Two Men Settle Traffic Dispute with Rock Paper Scissors. Rock paper scissors a unique and exciting game, that help you relieve your tension and stress by indulging in the game. Kids love to play rock paper scissors, we all have played it in our childhoods and we still play it whenever we got bored or meet a friend with whom we have such memories. Rock paper scissors is a simple game where two players play and one loses. The technique used is, even more, simpler and you must be aware of have to shake your hands and then make an image of either rock paper or scissors. Rock is a shape of a closed fist, the paper is an open hand whereas scissors are the two fingers.

The game is played around various cultures though with different names, however, the technique remains the same. Usually or more often it is also played as bets like the one who loses will do the particular thing. You have also performed it once with any of your friends to solve any issue, for example, the loser will pay the lunch bills or will drive to a particular destination. Also, you can play the game to assign responsibility in a number of people just like the Oklahoma team players started to play the game in order to give laundry responsibilities to the loser.

The traffic dispute settlement:

Recently a traffic dispute was settled by playing the rock paper scissor challenge. In Chengdu, two guys met with a car accident in the street where one was a Mercedes Benz driver and other the taxi driver. After having the fender-bender the two were unable to come with a decision about whose fault it was. So after having a little disagreement, the two decided to solve the issue like MEN, or you can say like boys. The dispute was decided to settle by a high-risk game of rock paper scissors.

The epic showdown began with both giving scissors first, followed by paper and then rock. In the end, the cabbie was the one to make the decision by switching with paper while the Mercedez Benz owner selected the rock. The game led to the decision and the Mercedez Benz driver had to pay a 700 yuan for compensation.

Houston’s traffic dispute:

Houston is also known for its rush-hour traffic where each person is trying to get in the front. Recently, in Houston, the drivers played rock paper scissors to decide who goes in the front. It happened when the native Marco Sanchez decided to get rid of the traffic jam and have some fun, so he played the game with a person who was trying to go by from a few minutes. He asked the other driver for the game if he won then he will pass by. Though in the end, Sanchez lost, the video went viral and it also leads to a fun way to get rid of difficult and stressful situations. If people start thinking this way a number of issues will be solved.

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