Can You Cheat at Rock Paper Scissors?

The experience in the Rock Paper Scissors game is not such that it cannot be described with enough details. As much as the player can relate an interesting encounter and fun engagement as their experience, it can also come the other way round. Of course, one would think of a million possible reasons why someone would enjoy the Rock Paper Scissors game while another would completely feel different. This is to say that it is the same way a participant can get the best of his match, so the other participant can also get the worst out of the game. It is a two-way parallel street. But what makes the game enjoyable for one and unpleasant for another? Is there something that should be looked into as a plausible cause for one’s wins, and the other loses?

We can spend the whole day explaining a dozen reasons why this is so. The sure thing is that skills and luck are part of them. Luck is just luck, and if you believe a supernatural phenomenon is behind you, then that is great for you. As for skill, it is easy and quick to reach a conclusion on the performance of the participants by placing their levels of skills side by side. How far a person will go in a Rock Paper Scissors match will depend on how much he knows the game. Skill is one of the measures of professionalism in the Rock Paper Scissors game. Apart from those two obvious reasons, there is a defense usually argued by players who lose in Rock Paper Scissors matches. However, it should be noted that this defense is rather an excuse as it is not proven to be realistically possible in the Rock Paper Scissors game.

We should also understand that like any other sport or game, Rock Paper Scissors is a game branded by regulations and playing instructions. These rules underline what the game is about, the purpose of the game, how the game is calculated, and the rubrics of engagement, among others. This is to tell you that there can be a case where cheating might want to be perpetrated. This may be done by either of the participants in an RPS match, the officials involved, and even the spectators. Despite this subtle reality, is it really the case that cheating can be done in an RPS match? And if so, what is the likelihood? When we have considered the possible openings where cheating can exist, we can, therefore, understand why a player argues that he has been cheated after the match.  However, if it is so that the chances of cheating Rock Paper Scissors are slim or largely non-existing, the conclusion will be that the player is only making an excuse for his lack of skills or the absence of luck.

We will consider the openings in three ways. These ways involve the entirety of those who are involved in the Rock Paper Scissors game. This will be done by considering the possibility of cheating from the players, spectators, as well as the match officials’ positions. The reason for this is to very their possible involvement or noninvolvement in cheating Rock Paper Scissors. Thus, the question that will birth the analysis that follows is that can the players, match officials, and the spectators cheat Rock Paper Scissors.

Can The Players Cheat?

Among three parties (players, spectators, and match officials), the players are usually the most picked out when it comes to who can cheat in an RPS match. There is no other reason for this belief other than the fact that the players are the active participants in the game. Apart from the referee that is managing the match, players are the closest to the game. Since the game has gained popularity and RPS tournaments are being held, there have been cases of players cheating during matches. There are two outcomes to this; one is that the cheating resulted in disqualification from the match. The other end is that the cheating helped the player to win. The opponent, upon finding out after the match, would then voice his grievance.

Despite this possibility, how exactly can a player in an RPS game cheat? This question is necessary because we cannot accuse someone of doing something without listing out one or two ways he must have done it. The ways a player can cheat Rock Paper Scissors are not so much that we cannot list them here. However, the prevailing ones discovered from studies, investigations, and participants’ reports are listed below:

  • Illegal Or Restricted Throws

Rock Paper Scissors is a popular game that has found its place in many countries. As a result of this, some people in the course of playing the game have tried to modify it by adding and/or removing some throws. In other words, over the years, there has been a surprising rise in the number of additional throws to the Rock Paper Scissors game. Sadly, many other throws apart from the generally accepted three (Rock, Paper, and Scissors) have been found to alter the game’s form. Therefore, the authorities managing the affairs of the Rock Paper Scissors have continued to ban or largely restrict the additional throws by labeling them illegal. Some of these illegal throws are Dynamite, Lightning, Fire and Water, The Well, Texas Longhorn, and Spock and Lizard.

A player in an RPS game may extent an illegal throw, thereby confusing his opponent. Some of these illegal throws are popular in some places, so the opponent in this situation may be unaware that the throw is illegal. Therefore, it is advisable to try as much as possible to stay updated regarding the list of banned illegal throws. In the knowledge that the throw is illegal, it may result in outright disqualification or removal from the venue. This is especially so in a regulated tournament.

  • Delay Throw To See The Opponent’s Hand

Another way to cheat is for a player to delay in extending his hand after the call. This delay is usually done to notice the throw the opponent will extend. Surprisingly, such delay may not be noticed by the opponent and even the referee. That’s right. Some players are very smart while doing this. This form of cheating, upon discovery, may result in a recall/re-throw or disqualification from the match at worst.

  • Conniving With A Spectator

This is another way a player can cheat in an RPS match. He can plan with a spectator who may be close to where his opponent is. The play for this is for the spectator to signal to the player the throw his opponent wants to extend. Oftentimes, players’ managers or members of part of the team are found doing this. As usual, it is either a re-throw or disqualification.

Can The Referee Cheat?

From studies, a referee cheating is highly unusual. The responsibility is on the RPS game authorities to ensure that their referees are of good conduct and unbiased minds. Despite the trust we may have in the referees, we cannot rule out the possibility of a referee trying to favor one player against the other. This can be done in two major ways.

  • The referee may wave the call for a delay throw. If the referee sees that a player intentionally delays extending a throw, thereby seeing the opponent’s throw, the referee may wave it despite the opponent protesting against this cheat.
  • He may ignore an illegal move. It will be easy for a player to cheat with an illegal move if the referee is on his side. The referee may count an illegal move instead of punishing the thrower.

However, as we said earlier, it is highly unlikely to see a referee helping a player to cheat in an RPS game. We believe that the RPS authorities will ensure proper training and orientation for their referees. Also, the authorities will sufficiently compensate their referees to help them the temptation to cheat for money.

Can The Spectators Cheat?

The spectators cannot cheat for themselves. This means that they cannot cheat to help themselves. It must have been to help either of the players in the RPS game. This can be easily connected to the possibility that a player and a spectator can connive to cheat during the match, as explained earlier.

Regulated Or Formal Versus Unregulated Or Informal Match

It may be easy to cheat in a friendly match like a game between siblings or kids at school. But in a regulated match like an RPS tournament, that is usually hard but not impossible. Generally, however, the Rock Paper Scissors game is largely regulated. That makes any form of cheating highly prohibited and infrequent. The game is majorly about skills and luck. Cheating cannot help you in the long run. It kills your professionalism and may cost you your career in RPS. The best is to learn the game, play it as you know it, and hope that luck falls in your favor.

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