The 2018 Rock Paper Scissors European Championship.

The World Rock Paper Scissors Association has teamed up with Wacky Nation and are extremely proud to announce the first annual European Rock Paper Scissors Championship. This is the only event where you can prove that you are the very best at Rock Paper Scissors and potentially become the European Champion!! Unlike other competitive sports, in Rock Paper Scissors there is no practicing or training required to compete or become champion. We are looking for neighborhood, office or household champions that want to prove that they are the very best Rock Paper Scissors player in Europe. With a chance to win not just bragging rights, but a trophy, a cash prize, and a bottle of bubbly to celebrate along with the respect and admiration of your friends and competitors. The European Rock Paper Scissors truly is the championship of championships.

For those unfamiliar with Rock Paper Scissors, you too can still compete and potentially win. The rules of play are very simple; rock breaks scissors, scissors cuts paper and paper covers scissors. With this basic knowledge, you can compete, but it might help to learn some Rock Paper Scissors Strategies that can take your gameplay to the next level.

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