Rock Paper Scissors Why Should You Play?

Many people are often in the dark as to what the Rock Paper Scissors game offers its players. This is because they are ignorant of what the game is truly about and what comes with playing the game. Participants who have understood the concept of the game will agree that the game is a really interesting game that offers a lot of excitement. As a participant, you can play the game on a professional level or to catch fun. Either way, the game is opened to everyone. Learning how to play is not as hard as it looks, as long as you have the intention to learn and practice.

The truth is that you will find out that the game can be personalized. For instance, consider the individual benefits available in the process of learning and practicing, the skills and experience to be gained, and, most importantly, the level of professionalism to be attained. Additionally, the game can be played to drive a personal interest or purpose (for fun), which is one way the game offers flexibility.

The Mind And Physical Exercise

One beautiful thing about the Rock Paper Scissors game is that you can improve your wellbeing and lifestyle by merely playing the game, either informally or on a professional level. The game requires physical exertions such as extending hand gestures and standing (with little body movements) for a couple of minutes. Not only that, the mind is not left out in the equation. The game involves that you are mentally active. Some of the mental exertions include mind reading, strategic planning, and mind control.

All these combined will not only aid your performance but will also improve your personal life. Physical exercise will keep you physically fit and improve your muscles. Mental preparation helps you with focus, consciousness, concentration, and control of your mind. All these are the benefits you get to enjoy playing the Rock Paper Scissors game.

Becoming A Pro

The Rock Paper Scissors game is not a street game or a game for the neighborhood kids only. It is a standard game recognized as one of the old games for gentlemen. The game has a touch of nobility and therefore is considered sacred in some cases. Anyone can play Rock Paper Scissors, and it is for everyone. However, there is a level of play that will indicate whether a person is a pro or not. Another truth is that a participant can become a professional RPS player participating in standard and regulated tournaments.  This is the beauty of the game, affording every participant to play on a competitively professional level like the Olympics.

Becoming a pro is relatively easy as long as you are passionate about becoming a pro RPS player recognized by the World RPS Authorities. Play and practice to improve yourself and fulfill all requirements listed by the authorities, and you will see yourself walking an RPS professional career path.

RPS Standard Tournaments

Standard tournaments are being held by the RPS authorities to bring professional players from all over together to compete against one another. Hundreds of matches a played in a tournament, and the winner is declared eventually. It should be noted that the Rock Paper Scissors game is not part of the Olympics, unlike most other sports. The RPS society has its own organization that takes care of its tournaments and ensures the sport does not go into extinction. Wojek Smallsoa gave the statement that accurately gives the truth surrounding RPS not being an Olympic game; “RPS will never be an Olympic event. Considering the doping scandals and judging fiascos, RPS is much too honorable, and putting us in that lot will do nothing but disparage the reputation of our great sport.”

Making The RPS Game Fun

The Rock Paper Scissors game can be very fun. In fact, participants, whether in standard regulated or informal RPS games, have experienced the excitement that the game offers. Although, it is true that that the game gives an open ground for healthy competition between players, especially in standard matches. Nonetheless, the game’s exciting part cannot be overlooked since the Rock Paper Scissors game offers unique interpretations and calculations of the elements (Rock, Paper, and Scissors) in the game, which makes the engagement between players an interesting one.

Apart from all these qualities, the Rock Paper Scissors game can be modified to perform a specific purpose. Of course, the original idea of winning and losing a throw still stands. The participants of the game can decide to use the game to fulfill a particular task. The following are a few examples of ways the game can be made fun and satisfy the original purpose of the game.

  • Using the game to decide between participants for a specific task. For instance, used between siblings to decide who clears the table or trims the garden. Colleagues can also play the game to decide who pays the bill for lunch.
  • Addition and substitution of throws to extend the way the game is being played.
  • Creating a multiplayer RPS game to involve more than the regular numbers of participants.
  • Creating a table-form RPS game to award points for wins and losses. The table will show the player with the highest scores as well as other players with lower points.
  • Using the game to learn mind reading and strategic planning.


In conclusion, the Rock Paper Scissors game does not follow difficult play patterns and does not conform to complex and unorthodox customs like that of the Olympics. In other words, it offers simplicity in practice. You can play the Rock Paper Scissors game as an amateur to have fun and subscribe to the honor that it brings. You can also pursue a career in it by becoming a professional RPS player like in every other professional sport globally. In any way, the Rock Paper Scissors game is a game for everybody with unique physiognomies.

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