Illegal Conduct In Rock Paper Scissors.

The Rock Paper Scissors game has unique features. That means some things are acceptable and some things that are not. What guides the game’s processes and procedures are those things that every person interested to play the game must take time to learn and understand. In other words, the Rock Paper Scissors game is not without its own creed. This creed contains what is and what’s not of the game. The RPS authorities continue to form rules and regulations that guide the conduct of all those that are involved in the game. As a result, there are some conducts that the game sees as illegal conduct in rock paper scissors. This article will explain some of the illegalities that the authorities frown against.

·        Hitting Hands

One of the actions that will be considered illegal is a player hitting his hands against his opponent’s opponent. This conduct is frown against in standard RPS tournaments and therefore is punishable. This action usually occurs when one of the players throws Rock, and the opponent throws Scissors. Going by the interpretation that Rock crushes Scissors, the Rock thrower may hit his fisted hand against the “V” shaped gesture of the opponent. Before this conduct was banned, it was discovered that it could and often resulted in an injury resulting from hitting the opponent’s hand.

The conduct is now considered unacceptable, and any player that is found guilty of causing injury to the opponent by way of hitting hands will be punished. He may lose points, disqualified from the match, or even suffer disqualification from the tournament in some cases.

·        Aggressive And Derogative Words And Statements

It is usually the case that players in the Rock Paper Scissors game want to exert their dominance. As a result of this, each player is always trying to show why he is the best and why his opponent is inferior to him. Doing this is not only by way of winning the rounds; it also comes by exhibiting such a presence capable of throwing the opponent into fear and confusion. Since the Rock Paper Scissors game is mental, players are always trying to mess with one another’s minds. If the mind is not focused and into the game, the player will likely perform woefully.

One way players try to influence one another is by showing an aggressive character through the kind of words they say to one another. Words and statements that try to condemn the existence, personality, character, and skillfulness of players are often thrown around a lot in the RPS game. These derogative remarks are not to be interpreted in the sense that the speakers mean it. Instead, it is one of the tactics often used to tamper with the confidence, self-esteem, and concentration of the recipients. Although some words are not harmful by way of analysis, some are entirely inappropriate. The onus is on the referees in RPS games to ensure that there are no inappropriate utterances between players during the game. The referee holds the position to punish such a player that is found guilty of such utterance.

·        Conspiracy To Cheat

Another illegal conduct in the Rock Paper Scissors game is the conspiracy with the public to cheat during the game. It has often been discovered that players conspire with spectators to help them cheat during games. One or a couple of a player’s supporters may help the player read his opponent’s moves, hands, and gestures and reveal to the player right before his throw is made. Conspiracy to cheat is considered a grave offense as it includes the spectators in the RPS game. This illegality is punishable by disqualification from the game or the tournament as the case may be. A player may even lose his career in some cases.

Illegal Moves Or Throws

Like any other sport or game, the Rock Paper Scissors game also has regulations that prohibit certain conduct. Part of the prohibited conduct is the long list of moves or throws that are not acceptable during the RPS game. These moves have tried to find their ways into the standard RPS tournament but have not met with any success so far. The decision to prohibit these moves comes as a result of the resolve of the RPS authorities to protect and sustain the true and original nature of the game. The inclusion of any move other than the three generally agreed RPS moves or the replacement of any of the three moves would be altering the form of the game.

Examples of these illegal moves include Dynamite, Spock and Lizard, Texas Longhorn, Devil and God hand gestures, Lightning, Fire and Water, and the Bird. The referee must be up-to-date on the list of illegal moves in order to be able to identify when a player has committed the crime. These offenses are usually punishable by declaring a rethrow or disqualification from the game.


The Rock Paper Scissors authorities are aware of some illegalities that surround the game and are doing everything in their powers to ensure that the game is rid of them. The authorities also recognize that illegal conduct can be perpetrated by the three parties involved in the game, namely; the players, the referee, and the spectators. Therefore, to ensure that any of these three parties do not wrongly influence the game, there are rules and guidelines set up to guide the players, referee, and spectators’ involvement and conduct.

Above all, the authorities should ensure proper circulation of rules and regulations of the game before any tournament. They should also put their referees and other game officials through proper training so they can be able to handle the game as expected. Restrictions should be placed on spectators as to their involvement and conduct during the game. By doing all of these, cheating will be reduced, and the game will be played as expected.

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