Variations Of Rock Paper Scissors.

The Rock Paper Scissors game has only one variation of rock paper scissors during its creation, and that is the rock, paper, and scissors variation. Against that, other variations have tried to break into the RPS system for one reason or the other. In this article, we will discuss some of the forms or variations in which the original RPS game has been modified.

The RPS game variations have continued to increase over the years with the introduction of different moves by people who wish to change the format of the game. Their reasons for doing this are unknown. However, studies have revealed some factors that may surround the modifications that the RPS game has experienced so far. The modification of the game may be due to the environment in which the game is being played. Consider, for instance, a formal, regulated game and a street RPS game. It can also be as a result of the traditions of the countries adopting the game. This is evident in the substitution of the games’ characters in some places. Whatever the case may be, the RPS authorities have continued to fight against any addition or removal of the characters of the game to preserve the true nature and form of the game.

Let us consider some of the variations of the RPS game that have surfaced over the years.

Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite

The Dynamite hand gesture is formed by a “thumbs up” hand sign by forming a closed fist but extending the thumb upward. Although the use of Dynamite in the Rock Paper Scissors game has been frown at by the RPS authorities, however, this cannot dispute the fact that the invention of Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite is a variation of the RPS game. The Theoretical Throws Bureau of the World RPS Society has made a clear position that Dynamite is incompatible with the RPS trinity relationship and its inclusion will alter the cycle of connection the game is supposed to form.

One of the unresolved theories that led to the above conclusion is the relationship between the Dynamite and Paper. The arguments in this explaining this theory bother on whether “Paper snuffs out Wick” or “Wick burns through Paper.” The decision to rule between these two outcomes has been suspended for years for fear that any decision reached will mean the ultimate inclusion of Dynamite to the RPS game system. This inclusion is expected to alter the dynamics of the game. Hence, there has not been any resolve as to the issue.  As a result of this, the RPS authorities are yet to agree with the use of Dynamite in planned, regulated, and professional RPS games.

Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard

One of the popular five-throw expansions is the “rock-paper-scissors-spock-lizard.” The invention was made by Sam Kass and Karen Bryla which adds Spock and Lizard to the three popular standard throws. Spock is gestured by raising the palm in a vertical direction facing the opponent while making a gap between the middle and ring fingers. The Spock gesture is also known as the “Live Long And Prosper” gesture. Lizard is represented by making the “sock puppet” hand gesture (bringing the fingers together to make a pointed end while the thumb is brought underneath them. The gesture faces the opponent).

It must be noted that Rock Paper Scissors Spock Lizard is one of the most recent developments in the RPS variation of five-throw games. Although, the expansion of characters still makes the game playable, however, it has added to the complexity of the RPS game. Nonetheless, the gestures have an interesting connection that forms the calculation of each throw. Since we already know how Rock Paper Scissors are calculated, we should only add the interpretations of Spock and Lizard to the calculation. Spock smashes Scissors and vaporizes Rock but is disproved by Paper and poisoned by Lizard. Lizard poisons Spock and consumes Paper but is killed by Rock and dismembered by Scissors.

Double Fisting

The double-fisting variation of the RPS game is an interesting one on one multiple-match mode. The players are arranged in a circle. Each player will play against the players on his right and on his left with the use of both hands. Any player who loses to the throws on both sides is eliminated from the circle of play. This continues until only two players are left. Then a regular RPS match will be played by the surviving two players to declare who is victorious and who loses. A Double Fisting RPS match usually requires a referee who will monitor the game and prevent any form of cheating. This is because it has been discovered to be very easy for a player to falsify his throws or leverage the carelessness or split the attention of another player.

Elimination Match

This is similar to Double Fisting, Elimination match also makes use of a circle of players. The only difference is that while Double Fisting requires that a player firstly plays with the players on his right and left side in the circle, an elimination match is played by all the players at once. In elimination, the throws are made simultaneously following the regular rules of RPS until only one player is left as the winner.  In the case where the three throws are present at once, a circular stalemate is pronounced and a rethrow will be done. If only two throws are present, all other players holding the losing throw are out of the game. The only defect of this variation is that there is a high likelihood of hitting a stalemate frequently especially among larger circles.

Points-Based Rock Paper Scissors

This variant of the RPS game also uses large groups of participants. It is concluded to be ideal for a group of participants as each player is placed in a position according to his points. All players simultaneously extend their throws and those with the winning throws gain a point while those with the losing throws gain nothing. Take, for instance, a group of four players who delivered two Rocks, one Paper, and one Scissors. The Rock throwers get one point each for beating the one Scissors. The Paper thrower gets two points for suffocating the two Rocks. The Scissors thrower gets one point for cutting the one Paper. This is how the table of points is formed until the pre-established score is reached.

Strip RPS

This RPS variation identifies one of the fun features of the Rock Paper Scissors game. RPS has proved to be a great way to bring couples or partners together as it can be used to add excitement and pleasure into the relationship. Strip RPS is played in the same way a regular RPS game is played, and it follows the same rules. The strip RPS only furthers on the interpretations of additional decisions after every throw has been calculated. In Strip RPS, after every throw, the losing throw is expected to remove a part of his clothing while the winning throw preserves the whole of his. The game continues till one of the players has removed (lost in this case) all of his clothing. The person without any clothing is the loser while the other player who still has the whole of some parts of his clothing on is the winner. The winner is not obligated but may also choose to remove the remaining part of his clothing too at the end of the game.

Street-Based RPS

This variation of RPS is often not a fixed match, nor is it a formal engagement. Players of this RPS variation often engage in the game as a form of gambling. The venues where street-based RPS are usually played included secluded streets of major metropolitan centres, downtown clubs, fight clubs unused parking lot, etc. The World RPS Society has frowned against this activity as it is characterized by a lack of referees, violence, and disregard for rules. The street-based RPS is a winner-takes-all betting format, and that means the lives of the players depend on the throws they make and luck. Winning such a match may come at a cost for the player. For instance, in such an illegal gathering of drunkards, fighters, street urchins, and gamblers, holding a couple of bucks in your hand is likely to attract a lot of eyes.

Corporal Punishment RPS

One of the features of the Rock Paper Scissors game is its propensity to settle issues between people. This means that the game can be used to drive a cause. It is often the case in an informal or unregulated RPS environment where the gameplay can be modified for another purpose entirely. One of the purposes for which the RPS game can be modified is to execute a certain punishment on either of the players. This has been discovered to be a common phenomenon in public schools where the players are subjected to unbridled violence and physical punishment during RPS matches.

In the game, the loser suffers physical torture by getting slapped on the underside of his forearm. In essence, the purpose of this RPS variation is to exert the sadistic nature of kids who want to derive pleasure and fun from punishing one another. The RPS authorities continue to preach against this variation, condemning the act while teaching that the game is made to reward the winner and not to punish the loser.

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